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We have built up trust and achievements for 80 years since our establishment. We continuously produce high-precision, high-quality products.

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Processing aluminum parts for medium-sized and large aircraft
We undertake production of various parts with a focus on aircraft parts. 
We undertake production of various parts with a focus on aluminum parts for medium-sized and large aircraft. We also engage in processing parts related to national defense, semiconductors, and rockets as well as prototypes. We process a wide range of product groups with a wide variety of sizes or lot sizes. 
We have been producing aircraft parts for more than 30 years.
We possess state-of-the-art equipment for machine processing of aircraft parts, and we have been processing aircraft parts for more than 30 years. We make use of our equipment and track record to stably do business with many companies, most of which are leading enterprises We have multiple 5-axis processing machines, among which the largest working table is as large as 6000 × 2000. We make use of these processing machines to mechanically process large works with complicated shapes. Our large working tables are used for machine processing of large parts. Installing several types of jigs to one working table and processing multiple works on the table can produce results such as shortening processes and unattended operation for a long time, which lead to cost reduction. 
Three strong points of our company
(1) Actively proposing technologies, production methods, and value engineering
We have been processing aircraft parts and also parts related to national defense and rockets for more than 30 years. We strongly believe that the production technologies we have accumulated through these long years of experience are not outdone by those of our rival companies. 
We comply with minute design or specification changes requested by the client, and listen to opinions from the production site regarding modifications, changes, or quality improvement of production jigs. This is how we make improvements in terms of both quality and cost.

(2)  Establishing mechanisms for strictly adhering to delivery times
We attach a label tag we issue to a product and distribute lists to production site staff after extracting the data from our own delivery time check file created with Access. This allows the production site staff to confirm the delivery time of each product. All production site staff, not only production control staff, work hard to adhere to delivery times. Furthermore, we appoint staff responsible for ascertaining and periodically controlling production progress at the site. This is how we can ascertain and adhere to delivery times, and also flexibly respond to urgent orders.

(3) Quality control unique to aircraft
We acquired JIS Q 9100 quality management standard certification for aerospace and defense quality fields in 2010, and we have been operating with it for more than 10 years. Rather than simply JIS Q 9100 alone, we have combined it with our production and management systems to create and utilize our own quality manuals. We apply these manuals to create QC process charts for the traceability required for aircraft part production and for quality control of the working processes. We focus on producing products whose quality is not different from the quality demanded by the customer.   
In addition, we introduce the latest equipment and measuring instruments whenever necessary to shorten inspection time and increase the accuracy of inspections. Recently we introduced an image measuring machine from KEYENCE CORPORATION and an X-ray fluorescence analyzer from Olympus Corporation.   

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ