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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:43

Digital Printing & Solutions Co., Ltd.

Printing in the DX era will become imprinting

We are a printing company, but we do not use conventional printing facilities.
We are a printing company that plays a role in bringing advanced solutions closer through imprinting on all kinds of devices based on digital technology.

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3D Parts Catalog “CATALOGcreator”
Service Description
Using powerful parts catalog production tools such as CATALOGcreator®, XVL tools, and CPI, we propose solutions to our customers’ problems related to creating parts catalogs. It automatically uses XVL data from your product’s CAD data and creates cross-links (bidirectional links) between each piece of data suitable for service parts catalogs. All linked units and parts can be switched between 3D view and 2D development view.
Service Description
1. Displays an electronic parts catalog using 3D models
2. Displays an electronic parts catalog using 2D exploded views
3. Effective use of 3D-CAD data (XVL data)
4. Integration of M-CAD (mechanism) and E-CAD (circuit)
5. Automation of electronic parts catalog production and update
6. Enables the production of individual parts catalogs based on the model, serial number, and delivery destination
7. Parts catalog contents independent of online and offline
8. Multi-language and globalization
9. Various documents display
10. Web-based display and support for ordering systems
11. Linkage to core systems
12. Master data conversion
“Coordinate Bird” 2D Parts Catalog
Service Description
“Coordinate Bird” is one of the few systems in the world that can retrieve a considerable number of part numbers necessary for the product’s after-sales service from drawings to create a database and quickly develop a web-based parts catalog from it. To strengthen product competitiveness (differentiation in service), we made it possible for anyone to place complex parts orders for after-sales service. All you need to prepare is your own exploded view and parts list. 
・Any data format of the material, such as printed matter (paper media) or PDF, is acceptable.
・Coordinate Bird is software that automatically acquires the coordinates of individual parts and creates bi-directional link content between illustrations and lists using XML.
・With Coordinate Bird, you can easily create a highly functional web parts catalog.
Wearable Remote Work Support System
Product Description
BT-Work Remote is a remote instruction and work support system that uses wearable devices. The system is designed to improve the following operations as a supplementary tool for current operations, such as daily maintenance and inspection work performed by equipment manufacturers.
•Improve operational efficiency
•Improve work quality
•Reduce operational costs

By the operations center or experienced workers remotely providing instructions to local workers instead of workers having to travel to the worksite, you can reduce the cost of labor, transportation, and training and the need to redo work.
Benefits of Using the Service
The main feature of BT-Work Remote is that it allows you to work accurately without making mistakes while following the instructions provided through the wearable device (smart glasses). Receiving instructions from a person proficient in the work content through a wearable device makes it hands-free, and unlike working with a piece of paper, PC, or smartphone media in hand, there is no need to stop.

Problems like the following may be solved more quickly than you think.
“I was working my way through the manual.”
“I asked someone proficient to come along and work with me.”
“I came back, not knowing how to proceed.”
“It was hard to train the field workers.”
“It was hard because I could not grasp the situation at the site.”
“I had to work while looking it up in the search system.”
“We had to stop working as we could not handle the problem immediately when it happened.” 

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