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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:05

Meiko Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We can flexibly handle from small-lot to mass production.

We offer integrated services from material selection to prototyping and mass production, and provide high-quality products based on thorough inspections.

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Sales Pitch

We serve our customers with our precision and excellence in machining, molding, welding, and other technology.
[Satisfying requests quickly and precisely] We have the ability to handle any request through steps from prototyping to mass production
Our sales representatives and engineers have expert knowledge on plastics, and quickly respond to customer requests. 
We have gathered abrasion and friction testing machines, tension testing machines, gravimeters, flow analyzers, and various other types of equipment to prepare a system to satisfy your requests so we can handle a wide range of customer needs.
[Integrated production system] We can cover from material manufacturing to finished products in-house
We combine the functions of three manufacturers: material forming, cutting, and injection molding. This is how we can flexibly respond to requests from small- to medium-lot production based on cutting to mass production based on injection molding. 
In addition, we can make adjustments to the sizes and shapes our customers require in material molding, and also mix the materials according to the purpose and field of use. 
We also take orders for welding, deposition, assembly, and other special processes in addition to these services.
[High-quality Monozukuri craftsmanship] Supported by a full range of inspection equipment and inspection systems
Products manufactured by our company will be delivered to our customers after dimensional and external appearance inspections, and performance inspections and other inspections depending on the product. 
We collect and analyze data on alterations specific to each product that occur during processing, and prepare an inspection method and inspection timing suitable for each product on a daily basis. 
We have microscopes, image size measuring machines, 3D measuring machines, and many other inspection machines. We are improving our production processes and reviewing our inspection standards to achieve a zero defect rate through thorough quality control that meets the standards requested by our customers.


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