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General-purpose internal grinders that continue to be chosen for the operability preferred by experts

We have inherited the business of Yamada Koki Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of internal grinders. We offer a full range of remanufacturing and spindle repair services in addition to manufacturing general-purpose internal grinders, so you can use our high-precision, high-durability products for a long time.

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Description of the business and advantages
We are a machine tool manufacturer that was founded in March 2020 to inherit the business of Yamada Koki Co., Ltd., an internal grinder manufacturer with 70 years in business and accumulated sales of over three thousand units. 

All of Yamada Koki's business has been transferred to us. The staff in the manufacturing department were also transferred to our company, and we will continue to provide high-precision, high-durability products. 

Main products
General-purpose internal grinders, general-purpose large-scale internal grinders, NC internal grinders
Spindle heads
Comprehensive refurbishing and repairs
This is different from an ordinary overhaul. We disassemble the machine brought in for servicing down to the smallest part, castings are re-ground, and all consumables are replaced with new articles. We then assemble the machine to the level of a new product while adjusting the precision. 

Spindle repair
Step 1. Check the condition of the spindle when it is accepted.
1. Check the rotation condition of the bearing and confirm the approximate damage to the bearing.
2. Pay special attention to the condition of the internal radial part of the shaft (MT taper). 
Approximately judge whether the rotating shaft can be reused in this step. 
3. Check the condition of the surface where the spindle main body is mounted. 
The condition of the mounting surface influences precision at the time of grinding. 
Step 2. Disassemble the spindle. 
1. Carefully disassemble the spindle without damaging the components that make up the spindle (rotating shaft, bearing spacer). 
2. Check damage to the bearing and analyze its cause. 
a. Flaking: Suspected defective assembly, loose shaft, incorrect centering, and inaccurate housing. 
b. Chipping: Suspected poor lubrication, intrusion of foreign matter, and rust. 
c. Breakage: Suspected abnormal load and poor lubrication. 
d. Dents: Suspected intrusion of a foreign substance such as metal dust. 
e. Abnormal wear: Suspected small vibration during transport. 
*Check the condition of the bearing and the damage in detail, find possible causes, and consider measures that should be taken for reassembly. 
Step 3. Refurbish and assemble the spindle. 
1. Wash the bearing carefully. Remove anti-corrosion oil and contamination in the bearing. 
2. Slowly turn the spindle manually and keep washing it until there is no hand sensation of vibration from its rotation. 
3. Apply an optimal amount of grease (adjustment of this amount of grease has a great influence over the service life of the bearing). 
*We take special care with regard to how we can avoid applying any stress to the bearing during our assembly method. We think this point relates to the length of the service life of our spindles. 
Step 4. Rotate the spindle and check its operation. 
1. Rotate the spindle to bring out the bearing's original characteristics. 
2. Check the following items during rotation:
a. Check for any increase in temperature. 
b. Use an acceleration sensor for continuous real-time analysis and monitoring of the frequency of the internal and external wheels, the rolling element of the bearing, and the retainer. 
c. Check for stable saturation of the spindle. 
Step 5. Check the accuracy. 
The runout accuracy of the rotating part of the bearing is checked twice, when we finish assembly and after checking the rotation. 
Step 6. Prepare to return the spindle. 
We attach a report describing the details of the repair work when we return the spindle.

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