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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:09

Nankai Special Steel Co., Ltd.

With the professional network that we have built over 60 years and our wide business expansion, we are working together with our customers toward further improvement. 

While we started in cutting/wholesaling of material for dies and molds (special steel material), we are now capable of producing dies for hot forging, die-casting molds and (hot) press dies, and performing their maintenance, in-house. Today, we also perform maintenance of presses, sales of heaters for dies, and development of automatic systems for buildup welding of dies and molds.  We actively engage with the novel needs of our customers. 

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Contracted mold overlay welding, trial production, and system equipment development and sales
Mold overlay welding contract (plasma and laser)
We own plasma welding and laser cladding facilities.  As they are both automated facilities that use robots, we offer reproducible and stable quality. The main reason that we use dies and molds as targets is because the welding is conducted by the robots while the workpiece is heated to around 350 °C by our original heater "Yonetsu Kun."  This feature enables the automatic welding to contribute even more to the lengthening of die and mold lifespans as it enables the usage of expensive padding alloys such as nickel based or cobalt based alloys. 
Prototype of mold overlay
We were originally a material store and dies and molds manufacturer, which means that we can offer integrated processes for prototype padding that include material procurement, heat treatment and processing.  The prototyping of padding impacts other steps in the trial build-up, such as the replacement of pre- and post-processes and the designation of heat treatment.
So please trust us with it.
Automatic overlay system Equipment development and sales
In addition to consigned production, we develop and sell facilities.  We also own a 3D scanner. We are constantly evolving our ability to detect wear in dies and molds, automatic generation of padding trajectories, and control of padding forms. Moreover, the 3D scanner enables minimum padding even with high volume processing, allowing us to propose reductions in warping, thermal effect and cost. 

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