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We help companies take their websites and advertising to the next level.

We are a website production company whose primary business is SEO. In addition to websites, we offer low-cost paper media such as flyers, pamphlets, and business cards. Video production service is also available.

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Website Production
"We created a website for our company, but only the people I gave my card have seen it."
"We've made the site look really nice and modern, but the traffic hasn't changed much."
"I'm sure they did some SEO work for us, but we don't feel its effects at all."

Do you have these problems?

Have you ever created a corporate website because someone said, "We'll create a website for you for a reasonable price of 100,000 yen or 150,000!" 

Indeed, if you only look at the price, creating a website for less than 100,000 yen or even around 150,000 yen might be cheap.

However, there is no point in creating a website if you are satisfied with just producing and publishing it or if you are happy by having your acquaintances look at it and say, "That's great."

Even if the site costs 1 million yen to produce, you can expect to make more profit than the cost if it leads to sales.

In other words, it is like an upfront investment.

On the other hand, 100,000 yen that does not lead to sales is a relatively high cost in terms of results.

We will eliminate such worries and anxieties about website production and provide a sense of security that many people will visit the site.
Web Writing
A website does not end when published but begins when created. 
SEO, in particular, requires regular site updates and content reviews.

"We have worked hard updating the blog, but..."
"The Information section has been updated thoroughly."

We know companies update their sites regularly.

Of course, if your blog attracts fans, it will attract customers as well. However, unnecessary and frequent updates will not attract customers. What is essential is to narrow down your target audience and create content strategically.

Many companies that produce general websites do not have an editorial department to write articles. In fact, to create content that can attract customers, personnel such as writers and marketers, not to mention designers, are essential. Writers, in particular, have a critical and significant role to play in SEO.

Our company not only produces websites but also focuses on content creation. If you have renewed your website but found it not as effective as you thought, revising the contents may be an excellent way to attract traffic.
"I asked for a flyer printing service, but the design didn't look much different from the sample I made myself..."
"The design didn't turn out as I had imagined..."

When you order flyers, brochures, or logos, sometimes things do not turn out the way you expected. Some also say that flyers, posters, and other advertising materials are thought to be a success if one person out of 100 
takes notice.

The world is overflowing with advertisements, and the people who see them usually put them aside without looking at the contents carefully, thinking, "Oh, another advertisement...". To attract as much attention as possible, you will need to combine design elements with eye-catching words.

That is where our copywriters come in. They will create flyers, posters, or other materials, incorporating features that will get people's attention as much as possible.

Furthermore, we reduced printing costs by not owning any printing machines. Without our own printing equipment, there is no restriction on the type of paper or the object of printing. We will make proposals following your needs, including the paper type as part of the design.

Whether you only want a low price or to create something with a particular design in mind, please consult with us.
Video Production
Do you know what copywriters do? Copywriters are not just responsible for writing catchphrases. In fact, they are also involved in producing PR videos and radio commercials. 

One of their jobs is to create a composition, making sure that the video structure and the story flow match the catch copy. We always have a copywriter plan video production whenever it involves a storyline.

While TV commercial production requires a certain level of equipment, these days PR videos using the internet are sufficient. Videos on the internet do not require equipment like TV shooting; a good quality home video device is enough to produce such videos adequately. As you can see from the videos of popular YouTubers, few of them deliver videos with low definition. We have taken advantage of the advancement in digitalization to reduce the cost of our equipment and video production itself, so please rest assured.

Whether it is a small PR video or a video with a storyline, we will plan and produce the video after meeting with you. In addition, our video editing is done by former TYU editors, so please feel free to leave it to us.

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