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Latest update: 30/07/2021 16:18:24

KPS Industry Co., Ltd.

Contributing to people's lives with technology that manipulates water and air

Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of pumps, compressors, and housing environment products. We established an integrated manufacturing and sales system that covers research, development, planning, manufacturing, and sales of water circulation systems and other medical and housing environment-related equipment.

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KPS Well Pump Products
・Pumps for shallow wells (P-H)
 The easy-to-install pumps can be used in shallow wells of 8 m or less.

・Pumps for shallow and deep wells (PC-H series)
 The jet-type pump can be used in shallow and deep wells of up to 35 m in depth.

・Sterilizers and iron removal tanks
 You can use the sterilizers and iron removal tanks with the P-H and PC-H series. 
Pump Products
・DC brushless canned pumps
A canned pump that uses a DC brushless motor. The specially designed drive/control board and pump/motor section realize an optimum product that meets all needs.

・Compact DC canned pumps
A compact canned pump with an integrated power supply that uses a DC 12-24V motor.

・Circulation pumps
These pumps use condenser motors and 3-phase induction motors. This model is used for circulation in various washing machines and cooling systems and is highly reliable with a long track record.

・Cascade pumps
The pump has a high head and self-priming performance. It meets customer needs with the technology and achievements we have cultivated over many years.

・Vacuum pumps
These are water-sealed vacuum pumps.
Piston Type Compressors
A specially designed medical equipment compressor that meets the needs of our customers. It fulfills the rigorous requirements commonly applied to medical equipment such as quietness, durability, power saving, and EMC compliance with our advanced technologies.
Applied Pump Products and Assembly Products
With our core water and air manipulation technology, we will support all your commercialization efforts, from product development to production, to meet customer needs.

Micro bubble generator, towel steamer, shower system, steam cleaner, carbon dioxide gas switching device, etc.