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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:50

Kawahara Electric Works, Ltd.

Our company takes on challenges based on transformers

We manufacture products including transformers, fishing boat ballasts, and special power supply devices to satisfy customer needs. We will do our best to handle any kind of orders with our technological abilities cultivated through years of know-how.

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KEW Series high-performance dry transformers
Most of the transformers we manufacture are build-to-order products based on specific specifications. 
The composition of dry transformers is rather simple, but the performance required from a transformer varies greatly. In this situation we are constantly improving our technology to produce products that satisfy each customer's objectives. 
Our company has built up an extensive track record, and we will do our best to satisfy any kind of customer request. 
Examples of our production include H-type dry transformers with a maximum capacity of 500kVA, and transformers for high-voltage power source devices with a maximum voltage in the DC100kV class and maximum secondary amperage of 15,000A. 
Feel free to contact us about any kind of request.
Transformer overhauls (repairs)
We overhaul and repair transformers made by other manufacturers and overseas products in addition to our own. 
We can also handle transformers that are too old to have original drawings, and requests for diagnosis. 
Other manufacturers OK
Made overseas OK
Old (without drawings) OK
MARVEL Series ballasts
This pioneer product in fishing boat ballasts was also made by our company. 
Our fishing boat ballasts are called MARVEL (something that surprises you). Why did we give them a name like that? Because it's a product that brought just that kind of "amazing results." 
In 1985, the standard ballasts for fish-luring lights were dry self-cooling types to prevent damage from salt water. They were installed in the engine room. Because of the harsh environment in a small space and severe conditions such as overvoltage and frequency fluctuations, everyone was troubled by frequent ballast failures. Even if you installed a blower to vent heat, the failure rate of ballasts remained high due to splashing waves as well as wind and rain blowing in from outside the boat in stormy weather. 
To solve this problem we developed a completely new cooling method in which the blower is installed on the front (operation) surface of the ballast, with ventilation from the inside. 
We wanted to make this method widely available to the public, so we have not obtained a patent even up to the present day, but now this method is the mainstream of ballasts for fishing boats. Our company created the common sense in ballasts, which is now commonplace.

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