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We provide a comprehensive range of services from planning to design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of various plant and machinery equipment.

We offer improvement proposals, equipment, and related construction work to address issues and challenges related to labor saving and line operation in response to recent busy operations and the shortage of labor on production lines. This includes mechanical design and manufacturing, design and manufacturing of metal fittings for construction use, water treatment facility construction, and other production lines.

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Machine design and production
We make full use of the experience and technology we have cultivated through our company's track record to develop a wide range of engineering business, from planning to design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of industrial machines, factory machines and equipment, and so on. 
In particular, our planning, design, and manufacturing divisions develop a wide range of engineering business from planning to design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of various types of equipment in response to customer's requests.
Machine installation and maintenance
Our company provides design and construction, and also thorough support for subsequent maintenance and overhauls. 
In addition, our quick responses and technology based on our wealth of experience have earned us a high level of trust and repeat orders from customers for equipment shutdowns and so on.
We will take charge of maintenance as if we were your maintenance engineers to ensure that the production equipment at your factory will always be at its best. 
We value the bonds we have with our customers through equipment maintenance. 
Daily maintenance is essential for your factory's stable productivity and safe operation.
Designing metal fittings for construction
Our company also focuses on manufacturing metal fittings for construction use, and we have a system in place to centrally manage work from design to manufacturing and installation. 
We have extensive experience in design and manufacturing, and we have been involved in a wide range of projects from individuals to public organizations and municipalities.
Water treatment equipment and facility construction
1. Water treatment equipment (Equipment to remove sediment and suspended solids in sewage.) 
Installation of dust collectors, sand lifters, various types of screens, sludge collectors, dewatering equipment, etc. 
2. Sluice gate equipment (Regulates the flow of water in rivers or water treatment plants) 
Installation of various types of gates such as intake gates, outlet gates, flushing gates, transfer gates, and so on
3. Piping work in general (Connecting each facility and equipment.) 
Laying various types of steel pipes and cast iron pipes, installation of valves and pipes




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