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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:49

Hokuriku Color Foam Co.,Ltd.

Processing chemical products for industrial purposes (rubber, plastic, plastic foamed products, etc.)

By utilizing our technological capabilities nurtured through the production of chemical products, such as urethane 
and rubber products, for industrial purposes, and by utilizing our extensive knowledge about materials, we support the materialization of the design desired by clients.

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Processing achievements
Urethane foam
Urethane foam is classified into many grades, ranging from soft foam to hard foam, according to various functions such as flame resistance, shock absorption, and thermal insulation properties. Since the workability of urethane foam is satisfactory, it is widely used for purposes ranging from industrial applications such as automobiles and construction to daily necessities such as kitchen sponges.   
Rubber sponges
Rubber sponges have various merits depending on the raw rubber. They are materials which, depending on combinations with coupling agents, have various physical properties such as hardness. They are used for a wide range of applications such as gaskets and sealing materials. In addition, you can design products which utilize the elasticity of rubber sponges. As such, rubber sponges are unique materials with the potential for a wide range of applications.
Polyolefin foam
Since there are many options for polyolefin foam in terms of hardness, color, property, etc., it is used for various purposes such as industrial parts, miscellaneous goods, and cushioning materials. We can produce polyolefin foam products, which are suitable for the requirements including the products to be protected or the intended use, such as cushioning materials for tool cases, part trays, as well as reusable shipping cartons and backer materials for joints of buildings as well as civil engineering structures. Our clients are satisfied with our polyolefin foam products.
Rubber has various merits, depending on its raw materials. It is widely used for industrial purposes. Its usage includes gaskets as well as sealing materials for various purposes, shock absorption dampers, step slopes, as well as curing mats for constructions, and floor mats as well as mud guards for automobiles. As such, rubber is a material which you see in various places.    
In our daily lives, plastic products are very common. It is used in various fields such as automobiles, home appliances, medical care, and daily necessities. Hokuriku Color Foam Co., Ltd. processes (cuts, punches, machines, and so on) molded plastic to produce products with the shape desired by the client.  
Contract-based processing
By conforming to drawings, we perform additional work, such as hole drilling, slit creation, and notch formation, on molded products including rubber and plastic ones. In addition to molded products, we are able to process materials supplied by clients.   

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