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As the manufacturer of the SAKURADIA brand, we provide diamond tools with high added value to satisfy customer needs. We have know-how that no major company possesses when it comes to PG whetstones, surface grinding whetstones, electrodeposited products and so on, and diamond tools.

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We are a design, manufacturing, and sales manufacturer of diamond and CBN tools
A wide variety of bonding agents
Diamond and CBN tools must be selected based on the specifications according to your purpose of use to obtain the grinding results you want. 
We select a bond that satisfies the user's needs from among the dozens of bonding agents we have developed. 
The use of high-precision whetstones enables grinding under conditions that used to be difficult, which contributes to increased production efficiency and to cost cutting. 
Resin bonded wheels are excellent for mirror finishing. The metal bond has wear resistance that can withstand long hours of unattended processing.  We have vitrified products with high griding performance, our independently developed DB bonding for ultra-thin groove processing, and other articles to meet various specifications.
We handle various types of diamond and CBN tools
Diamond and CBN wheels
For flat surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, inner surface grinders, tool grinders, jig grinders, and profile grinders 

Diamond and CBN electroplated tools 
Dressers, internals, files, general-type wheels, etc. 

Diamond and CBN cutting tools 
PCD, PCBN (compact bite), natural bite, throw-away tips, reamers, end mills, etc. 

In addition to these, we handle a wide variety of powders, pastes, hand stones, and so on.

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