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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:37

WACON Co.,Ltd.

Making distribution more efficient with eco + logistics

Our company provides export packing and cold storage services specializing in air freight. We have packing centers in the airports with constant temperature storage. Our specialty is the transportation of cargo that is susceptible to temperature changes, such as pharmaceuticals. We also focus on developing original products, such as cold storage folding containers and cold storage boxes with cooling units.

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Business Description
PackPro Business
Our company provides export packing and cold storage services specializing in air freight at the two major airports in the east and west of Japan, Narita and Kansai airports. With more than 60 years of packing experience behind us, we are committed to acquiring the latest technology and knowledge to become the best air freight packing company in Japan. Particularly in Kansai, we have a packing center right next to the runway of Kansai International Airport, which enables us to provide the fastest service in Japan. The center also has constant temperature storages of minus 20℃, 5℃, and plus 20℃, which, combined with the constant temperature packaging technology, contributes to the successful transportation of cargoes that are susceptible to temperature changes, including pharmaceuticals.
BASE Business
In the BASE business, our company makes shipping containers and fixtures of various materials, such as corrugated board, reinforced corrugated board for export, wood, plastic, steel, and aluminum. We propose the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

We have recently been focusing on the following three offerings, so please feel free to contact us.

1. Reduction of logistics costs
2. Package design
3. Export support for processed agricultural and marine products
COOL Business
In the COOL business, we offer the following solutions for transport freight to provide you with peace of mind.

1. Clean and hygienic logistics equipment
2. Low-temperature transportation system at the best temperature for the freight

In particular, with our constant temperature transportation system, we propose not only hardware but also software such as optimization of the constant temperature transportation method, including the use of low-temperature vehicles, based on the concept of providing temperature rather than boxes.
Product Description
“Cool One” Cold Storage Folding Container
[Features of Cool One]
(1) High thermal insulation performance
It comes with walls filled with high-performance polyurethane foam, a gap-free design for airtightness, and flat and uniform thickness. These innovations enable Cool One to achieve both a folding structure and high thermal insulation performance.

(2) Folds up in just nine seconds
Cool One can be assembled and folded in only nine seconds, significantly reducing labor costs (work time). Also, its plastic structure makes it possible to consider mechanization and automation of the folding process.

(3) Fits well with folding containers
It fits well with other Cool One containers or commercially available 40L and 50L folding containers, so mixed loading with dry freight does not pose any problem.

(4) Washable, so it is always hygienic
Sewn cold storage boxes cannot be washed in water even when dirty because water penetrating through the perforations would deteriorate the insulating material. Cool One has a hole-less structure, so you can clean it thoroughly without worrying about water intrusion.

(5) Excellent durability to prevent deterioration of insulation performance
Sewn cold storage boxes lose their insulating performance over time as the insulation material wears out and gaps form with repeated use. Since Cool One uses rigid plastic for its exterior and the insulation does not wear out during folding and assembly, its insulation performance does not deteriorate even over a long period of use.
“Eleking” Cold Storage Box with Customizable Cooling Unit
[Features of Eleking]

(1) Refrigerated or frozen transport is possible by simply putting it on an ordinary car
Just put it on your car when you want to use it, and it will turn your car into a refrigerator/freezer car. Moreover, the initial investment is low and running costs are almost zero.

(2) Creates a freezing space of 200L
Even a standard box with an internal volume of 200L can be kept below -18 degrees Celsius.

(3) Ready to use
Refrigerated transport with refrigerant requires prior freezing work. Still, with the Eleking, all you have to do is supply power to it and switch it on, so refrigerated transport is ready without any hassle.

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