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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:34

Sijam BTB Co., Ltd.

Since our foundation as a flexible software house in 2000, we have earned high praise by helping our customers with in-house system development, particularly in applications. In addition, we develop and sell “JobAuto,” an RPA tool that is designed to solve labor shortages, contributing to the advancement of information society.

We engage in the development and maintenance of and support for, “JobAuto,” an RPA tool. JobAuto is a product that was developed entirely in-house. We are very highly praised for our support in demonstrating how to use these products, which is provided in a swift and accurate manner.

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JobAuto realizes automation of various tasks
Many great features enable business automation
It has server functions by default. Many products offer server functions as options, and are fairly expensive. Server functions refer to source management functions of constructed robots, schedule management functions of robots, and log management functions of robots
 These functions can be performed in virtual environments by default. Many products offer virtual functions but with additional fees in many cases. With JobAuto, the robot functions even without a display monitor, enabling operations in a virtual environment.
 It continues to run for hours. It can withstand long-term continuous operations. For example, even in the case of a process that requires nonstop operation for three straight days, it continues to run normally until the end of the process without stopping.
Business automation can be achieved while reducing installation and construction costs.
No front-end charges. No front-end charges are required when subscribing to JobAuto services.
It is possible to learn how to operate it within a short period of time. As it can be operated easily and instinctively, users can easily learn the tricks for creating robots. Using the study contents, basic operation methods can be learnt within a short period of time.
Robots can be constructed with only a few steps. These steps can be completed by mouse operation and simple operation. No need to write code or build complex configurations. For example, to input a value in GoogleSpread, you only need to designate the cell in Spread.
After realizing business automation, you can operate at low cost.
Quick issue detection. There is a function that notifies you by e-mail when a issue such as an error occurs in the robot.
Quick issue resolution. It is easy to identify the location in which an error has occurred, and functions such as a manual site for troubleshooting are provided. Manual site is here
If you have trouble finding a solution, please contact our support center, where quick solutions can be provided.
Only a short time is needed for robot operation handover. It has a function to output instruction manuals for robot operations in Excel format, which helps shorten the handover time.


JobAutoサービスの紹介 -20191009.pdf

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