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With cutting edge IT technology, we help our customers streamline their work.

"In this month alone, we achieved an 840-hour reduction in work hours, which is amazing, and yet daunting to realize how much time we had wasted in the past..." (an excerpt from our conversation with one of our customers).

The use of IT to solve labor shortage that gets worse every year; this notion motivated us to start Aiku-lab.

Even in Sapporo, where our office is located, labor shortage is evident. In fact, as labor shortage gets worse, the workload of each individual becomes ever more demanding.

We offer a solution that helps you cut away unnecessary elements of work and focus your efforts on what's really important.

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Solutions that can replace human labor
"Robo LAUNCH", the cutting-edge robotic process automation (RPA) solution
Based on the RPA technology enabled by "BizRobo!" developed by RPA Technologies, Inc., this robotic process automation (RPA) solution is intended for the following companies: those that undertake marketing activities to sell products and services on the Internet and those that undertake recruiting activities on the Internet.
In addition to streamlining back-office operations, this service is designed to support companies and organizations using Internet tools and websites as a means to increase sales or secure human resources, by helping them place advertisements on a portal site or register products with it, get goods up on an e-commerce mall or the like, investigate their competitors, and manage information posted on websites.

Characteristic (1): Development of an RPA solution that can directly contribute to sales growth, connection with customers, and personnel acquisition
Consisting of a group of marketers well-versed in Web portals and job sites, Aiku-lab is in a good position to supply in-depth, expert knowledge and know-how of Internet usage.
Characteristic (2): Optimization of workflow and support for RPA introduction
In addition to helping our customers introduce a new system, we propose the selection and reorganization of workflow to suit RPA by streamlining and taking inventory of existing business operations to support the shift to RPA that best suits the needs of our customers.

Characteristic (3): Added value provided by RPA that does not stop at just streamlining existing operations
By linking "Robo LAUNCH" with the optical character reader (OCR) solution "Moji Lift", we can make comprehensive proposals ranging from digitization of papers and reports to utilization of the resulting data.

Examples of how "Robo LAUNCH" is used:
Management of e-commerce websites: Automation of management screen operation for companies selling their own products and services through their own online stores or running various e-commerce malls
Portal site management: Registration of products, uploading of images, and checking of information posted on the site
Collection of information regarding competitors: Collection of information on products sold by our customer's competitors and information posted by them
Management of job sites: Automation of management screen operation for customers recruiting workers through their own job sites or running job sites
Payment management: Automation of the processing of a payment system, reconciliation of invoice data with incoming payment data
Marketing services: Management of direct mail (DM) and automation of a customer relationship management (CRM) system
The optical character reader (OCR) "Moji Lift" is equipped with AI that recognizes handwriting
Equipped with the folder linkage functionality and a user interface (UI) that enables intuitive operation, "Moji Lift" is an optical character reader (OCR) solution suitable for the actual site of business activities.
In addition to having an AI engine that can recognize handwritings with great accuracy, "Moji Lift" provides the accuracy check functionality and a correction screen that can be operated through the UI, which provides a solution to the accuracy problem inherent in conventional OCR services. It can also eliminate the need to introduce radical changes to the existing workflow following the introduction of a new solution.
"Moji Lift" can be linked with the business process outsourcing (BPO) service, offering a one-stop service (where our staff checks and corrects data and delivers the final data) to our customers.

How this solution may be able to help our customers:
Processing of slips and forms used in order receipt/order placement operations (invoices, delivery slips, purchase orders, etc.)
Digitization of documents such as work reports, written messages, daily sales reports, and business reports
Entry of information contained in membership registration forms, applications for use, completed questionnaires (ones that are distributed at seminars/events), etc.
Data entry operations by BPO companies
Entry of data contained in medical documents such as questionnaires filled out by patients, medical examination cards, and statements of medical expenses.
Business process outsourcing (BPO)
Automation of the latest technology helps our customers speed up and reduce the costs of back-office operations.

Entry, processing, and summarization of data
Uploading of images to e-commerce websites and portal sites
Creation of marketing reports
Transcription of data to the customer's system, etc.

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