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Latest update: 21/04/2021 14:04:53

Sepia Kikaku Co., Ltd.

Our sticker/label cutting technology is amazing

We are a unique company that offers affordable cutting for complex-shaped stickers, labels and paper, from one sheet upwards. Of course, we are also strong at printing and design.

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Printing, elaborate cutting, bookbinding, same-day shipping, super-speed printing, design that will solve your "worries."
We can also respond to a crisis, such as by responding as "By tomorrow?".
We offer superior printing and cutting for stickers and labels. We have clever cutting technology for labels, stickers and backing paper with complex shapes. We even offer trial manufacturing of automobile packing and gaskets without using molds.
In addition, we have unique processing technology such as stickers for cold storage, commercial roll label printing, gold and silver special film stickers, wine, and water-resistant Japanese paper labels for Japanese rice wine (sake).
In addition, we can conduct super express printing that can be delivered on the same day, so we can support needs such as when customers have insufficient stickers or want to print more flyers quickly.
We provide high-quality samples and small lots of EC product boxes.
We offer high-quality, high-precision offset printing, and we also produce on-demand printing with vivid colors in small lots. We can affordably meet the needs of our customers.
In addition, we can produce packages that use slip sheets and pasting. We also follow package design, editing and modification of E-flute, F-flute and G-flute slip sheets.
Our store offers prototype samples for free to customers who wish to produce packaging that makes use of offset printing.
By making prototypes before producing packages, it is possible to address issues or modify the design before the packages are actually produced.

It is also possible to make openings in the packages (box).
By making openings in packages, it is possible to check the product without opening the box. Making the actual product visible increases its appeal.
There are openings that are covered by a thin, transparent plastic and openings that are uncovered.

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PUR bookbinding technology that opens even thick books to the core
We have PUR bookbinding technology that allows thick magazines or catalogs to open properly. PUR (Poly Urethane Reactive Hot-melt Adhesive) provides strong adhesion with a thin coating of 0.3–0.5 mm as compared with conventional adhesives with a thickness of 1 mm. In addition, the flexible adhesive layer has twice the elongation rate of EVA, allowing books to be opened flat.
“This allows the finishing of strong books with pages that open well. ”
Ideal for photo books, illustrated books, musical scores, collections of drawings, cookbooks, textbooks, art books, and map books.

You can do other work while keeping a specific page open. Because the books open flat, it is easy to copy pages.

Our PUR bookbinding supports a variety of sizes, from mini books to the A3 size. We also support special bookbinding/French covers (gate folded covers), gold-tooling, embossing, PP processing, and cutout covers, for which small lots (on-demand) can be supported.