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Latest update: 15/09/2022 07:54:57


Integrated production from prototype making and mold production to mass production of pressed automotive parts.

By getting involved in the development process from its initial stage (prototype), we can address concerns in mass production and die- and mold-making methodologies.
Utilizing many years of experience, we provide products that satisfy our customers.

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Pressed parts for automobiles
Perspective unique to mass production factories
We have a mass production factory in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, where productivity and safety measures are being improved daily. We produce dies and molds in-house; therefore, we can reflect preproduction requests from the mass production factory.
Reverse engineering
Some automotive parts were designed 15–30 years ago and are still being produced. Back when those parts were originally produced, they were manufactured from paper drawn designs. This process was time and labor consuming because of inconsistencies between design and output, which is not the issue in digital designing. However, the advancement of scanning technology in recent years has led to a methodology called reverse engineering, which enables the digitization of scanned images, whose data is created from the product provided by you.
Based on this scanned data, we can create dies/molds and perform data-based measurement, which enables us to provide higher-quality products.

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