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Latest update: 02/07/2020 14:58:16

SOUFA inc.

SOUFA INC.Boric acid flameretardant& Termiticide

Non-toxic and harmless to humans. Highly effective boric acid-based flame retardant for cellulose. It is also highly effective in termite preservation of wood.

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Sales Pitch

Boric acid flameretardant& Termiticide
Flame retardant highly effective for paper, wood and pulp
A flame retardant based on boric acid.
There is no similar product in the world.
Highly effective against cellulose such as wood, paper and pulp.

It is non-halogen and water-based. Very low toxicity and safe.
There are aqueous solution and powder type.

The nano-sized components will settle on the cellulose.
Reacts to heat and creates a thin glass foam layer.
This blocks heat and oxygen and prevents combustion.
In addition, it combines with the carbon of cellulose to prevent burning by creating a carbonized layer.

It is expected as a substitute for aluminum hydroxide, phosphoric acid, etc.
An anti-termite agent based on boric acid.
An anti-termite agent based on boric acid.
Protects wood from pests.

We have passed various tests in Japan and have achieved the highest grades.
It is highly safe and can be safely used in homes with babies, pregnant women and pets.

It is an inorganic substance and does not volatilize.
Therefore, the effect lasts semipermanently.



Other presentation

We are a company born from a disaster recovery NPO.
Is it possible to prevent the "wood" itself, which is the basic member of a wooden house, from burning? So, I was born SOUFA.

SOUFA is highly effective as a boric acid flame retardant and boric acid termite repellent.
It is extremely safe and can be used with confidence even in the presence of pregnant women, children and pets.

Our research theme is to make wood incombustible and flame-retardant. We are conducting various tests on wood to study its performance.

Currently, we are testing various materials other than wood.

We are now shipping samples centered on cellulosic materials. Currently, it is used in several products, mainly in building materials.

In addition, due to the spread of non-combustible wood, its application to cellulosic materials such as paper, pulp, cardboard, cotton, and hemp is progressing, and its application to new technologies has begun.
It has been confirmed that compatibility with the most advanced material, cellulose nanofiber (CNF), is also good.

We would like to contribute to our basic principle of "disaster mitigation" through technologies.

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