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Manufacturing/assembly of wire springs, stamping products, assembly parts, and manufacturing of dies and molds. 
Adept at works related to the automobile industry and the OA equipment industry. 
Seihatsu Spring Co., Ltd., are a team of artisans and technicians that bravely rise to the challenge of technological development in ways other companies cannot handle and we always succeed.

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Providing high-precision, high-durability, and high-quality products
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(1) Molding and low temperature heat treatment of wire springs of various sizes from wire diameter Φ 0.1 mm up to Φ 8.0 mm.

(2) Molding and low temperature heat treatment of thin leaf springs at t 0.1 up to large plate springs at t 2.6 and molding of precision stamping products between t 0.03 and t 2.0.

(3) Assembly of parts, design/manufacturing of dies and molds, jigs, assembly equipment, and inspection devices. Production facilities and production lines are also manufactured/built in-house. 

As we produce these in-house, including jigs, we can respond to or immediately rectify any issues or mistakes.
We have been certified as a high quality factory by many automobile and OA equipment manufacturers.  We have won many awards for our QCDD (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development).
We acquired ISO9001 in 2000 and ISO14001 in 2003.  We acquired IATF16949 in 2016 (Thailand), and we have begun the IATF certification process in Japan.

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