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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:56

Kyowa Netsushori Co., Ltd.

Quenching, tempering, and normalizing of forged and cast products, various types of annealing, solution treatment, carburizing, and quenching of various types of molds

We excel at heat treatment of materials, with a focus on forgings and castings.
Continuous furnace: Less than 3 kg per piece (capable of heat-treating 1 ton of materials per hour)
Batch furnace: Capable of heat-treating a maximum of 4 tons of materials
We also propose optimal heat-treatment solutions based on product specifications.

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Quenching and tempering (thermal refining)
This is a heat treatment process that provides strength and toughness to parts that contribute to high quality and high performance of mechanical equipment. We choose quenching and tempering processes that are best suited to the type of steel and the shape of parts to minimize distortion caused by sudden quenching of highly heated materials.
This is a heat treatment process that is used to restore a molded structure such as hot forging to a standard structure. It enhances homogenization, refines the microstructure, and adjusts the hardness to an appropriate level to improve machinability and prepare the materials for the next process.
This is a heat treatment used to remove the internal distortion (stress) caused by processing such as welding and plastic forming or to attain an optimal structure and hardness for each type of secondary process such as cold forging, by following a predetermined heat pattern.
Thorough quality control and process control system
Heat treatment is considered a "special process" in manufacturing. A special process is a process where problems can go unnoticed until the final product is actually used. It is extremely difficult to judge from the appearance of a product whether the heat treatment was good or bad, or to determine whether a certain heat treatment process has actually been carried out. Although a quality check is performed as the final inspection, thorough process control is essential for heat treating processes. This is why all our staff members carry out heat treatment under a thorough quality and process control system based on the principles that quality assurance is built into the process and that each worker must take responsibility to complete each process.
Inspection content tailored to quality requirements
Surface hardness
Core hardness
Internal metal structure (microstructure, depth of the decarbonized layer, grain size, spheroidizing grade, etc.)
Inspection devices are inspected on a daily and periodic basis to ensure accurate measurement. Furthermore, we ask contracted specialists to inspect and calibrate our inspection devices once a year and manage the results in-house.