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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:32

Marketing kyoto INC.

We will contribute to the inheritance of traditional industries and culture by increasing Kyoto’s traditional crafts sales.

We develop new applications and new sales routes for products made with Kyoto’s traditional craft techniques and sell interpretation equipment to corporations, institutions, and organizations that need multilingual support.

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Sales Pitch

What “Okoshiyasu Kyo-mono” wants to say
Business Description and Features
(1) We will help you develop new applications and new sales channels for your products
(2) Sales of product tags to show that the products are handcrafted from Kyoto
(3) Sales of interpretation equipment to promote sales of products to inbound tourists
Okoshiyasu Kyo-mono
We hope that the "Okoshiyasu Kyo-mono" brand will serve as a symbol of high-quality traditional crafts individually made by hand in and around Kyoto.

We want "Okoshiyasu Kyo-mono" to be a guide for those who are looking for such items.

"Okoshiyasu Kyo-mono" comprises five concepts that connect the thoughts of the traditional craft creators and people who love Kyoto.
(1) Use of Kyoto's traditional craft techniques
(2) Made in or around Kyoto
(3) Each piece is handcrafted or has many handcrafted parts.
(4) Easy-to-use, high-quality, and practical item (handy, convenient, and durable)
(5) Something I would be delighted to receive

Hopefully, our "honma-mon no Kyo-mono" (Kyoto's genuine crafts) will become one of the favorites that many Kyoto lovers would want to keep, helping Kyoto's traditional craft techniques continue to be inherited for many more years to come.

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