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Latest update: 11/07/2023 10:54:29

Each DreaM Inc.

For the first time in the world, we succeeded in developing a non-combustible FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) and insulation material! This next-generation FRP and insulation material passed ISO-1182 testing!

We are the company that succeeded in developing the next-generation non-combustible FRP and a non-combustible insulation material for the first time in the world. Their characteristics are that they can be used in ways which are the same as the ways conventional FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) is used, they endure flames of 1,500ºC, their thermal insulation properties are extremely high, and they are easily recyclable. The non-combustible new insulation materials are made of FRC (fiber-reinforced ceramics) and passed ISO-1182 and 5660 testing in which they demonstrated remarkably excellent data.

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Providing the world's leading non-combustible materials to protect people's lives and fortunes
Next-generation non-combustible FRP (FRC: fiber-reinforced ceramics)
This product is a next-generation non-combustible FRP which can endure flames of 1,500ºC, the thermal conductivity of which is extremely low, the properties of which are equivalent to those of conventional FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), and the usage of which can be the same as that of FRP. 
Strictly speaking, it is classified under fiber-reinforced ceramics (FRC). However, we call the product the next-generation FRP since it is a new non-combustible material replacing conventional FRP. One of its great advantages is that it can be used in ways which are the same as the ways conventional FRP is used. In addition, it has the three advantages specified below.
-It does not burn at all even when it is exposed to flames of 1,500ºC. 
-Its thermal conductivity is extremely low. 
-It can be powderized and recycled as a material of the next-generation FRP.  
The new-generation FRP passed the tests specified below.
-Satisfying the reference values of ISO-1182 testing
-Satisfying the reference values of ISO-5660 testing (the Cone Calorimeter test)
-Authorized by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (authorization number: NM-5269)
Please refer to the following website for the details of the next-generation FRP. The website shows documents such as reports from certification bodies.
FRP is used for various means of transportation including automobiles, rail vehicles, aircrafts, and ships. Since the next-generation non-combustible FRP can be used as if it were conventional FRP, and its properties are the same as those of conventional FRP, it can be used for parts, which are required to be more resistant to flames, instead of conventional FRP. Furthermore, it is highly effective as a fire-resistant building material. When a burnable material such as wood is processed with the next-generation FRP, it will not burn. Furthermore, it is optimum for fireproof coating for reinforcing steel rods.
Non-combustible insulation material
This product is a non-combustible insulation material which can endure flames of 1,500ºC and has overwhelmingly excellent fireproof properties. The material can be used as fireproof boards. Furthermore, it can be sprayed through an air compressor or the like to make the target object fire-resistant. Thus, it is a revolutionary insulation material. 
It passed the tests specified below.
-Satisfying the reference values of ISO-1182 testing
-Satisfying the reference values of ISO-5660 testing (the Cone Calorimeter test)
-Authorized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Please refer to the following website for the details of the non-combustible insulation material. The website shows documents such as reports from certification bodies.
This material is the world's first non-combustible insulation material which was developed through detailed verification of the thermal insulation properties of the next-generation FRP. Therefore, it is optimum for the parts required to have more excellent thermal insulation properties.
Basalt fiber
Basalt fiber is a threadlike material created by the melting of basalt. It is used for fire-resistant fabric in the aerospace and automobile industries, or as a reinforcement material for concrete or asphalt, or as a composite material for producing FRP products or the like.  
Since we have a strong network in China, we are able to wholesale high-quality basalt fiber used in our company at cheaper prices than any other rival company. The basalt products dealt in by us are specified below.
-Basalt cloth (basalt fiber)
-Basalt chopped strand mats
-Basalt surface mats
-Basalt needle mats
-Basalt meshes
-BFRP grids
-BFRP rods (bars)
-Basalt insulation boards
-Fire-preventive heat-insulating panels
-Basalt chopped strands
-Basalt yarn
-Basalt roving
-Basalt ropes
and so on
For details, please refer to our company's website describing basalt fiber.
When basalt fiber is used in place of glass fiber used for composite materials such as FRP, the strength of the composite material increases. The strength of basalt fiber falls somewhere in between that of glass fiber and carbon fiber. Although glass fiber is weak against alkali, basalt fiber excels in alkaline resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, etc. In addition, basalt fiber is highly effective as a reinforcement material for buildings and concrete. Although its weight is one-third of that of steel, its tensile strength is three times as high as that of steel. Thus, basalt fiber is a very strong material. Unlike reinforcing steel rods, it does not rust.




Saving lives with non-combustion! Works like the FRP! Non-combustion next-generation FRP.
Last update:01/01/2023
In addition to the usability of conventional FRP, we have succeeded in developing a new material with the significant features that it does not burn even in a flame of 1500°C, has overwhelmingly high heat insulation properties, and is easily recyclable (patent pending worldwide).
The following three experiments have been conducted to verify the performance of non-flammable next-generation FRP and non-flammable heat insulating materials.
(1) An experiment simulating a fire in a densely populated residential area.
(2) An experiment assuming a fire in the engine room of a ship.
(3) An experiment with an AI firefighter who can enter the flames to extinguish the fire.
World’s First Non-combustible FRP X Heat Insulation! (ISO1182 accredited) Each DreaM Inc. PV
Last update:01/01/2023
Each DreaM Inc has succeeded in developing the world's first non-combustible next-generation FRP and non-combustible heat insulating material. Our products have passed the ISO 1182 test, an international standard that defines noncombustible materials.
This is a promotional video of Each DreaM Inc.
World’s only Non-combustible FRP × Non-combustible heat insulation. Each DreaM Inc., Demonstration.
Last update:01/01/2023
In this movie, the following experiments are conducted.
(1)Comparison of combustion experiments between existing noncombustible FRP and our developed next-generation FRP.
(2)istant remodeled room.
(3)Experiments assuming use in an industrial complex.
(4)Experiment of non-flammable shelter balcony as a shelter in case of fire.
(5)An experiment of three houses in which the house on the left and right burns down and the house in the middle catches fire.
(6)Experiment of AI firefighter who can enter into the fire and extinguish the fire.
(7)Demonstration of putting out a fire using two types of fire extinguishing agents.

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