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An ironworks that provides plant equipment manufacturing/repairs and metal product processing/manufacturing.

With an approach of flexible design and construction, we manufacture and repair plant equipment as well as iron and stainless-steel products. Recently, we have also made endeavors in the arts and crafts, creating lightweight steel frames and monuments. We also provide high-mix low-volume production as well as mass production of jigs.

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Design and manufacture of cans and mechanical cans, piping, and support brackets
Storage tank, tank, duct, chimney, hopper, chute, and box
We use steel and stainless steel to manufacture tanks, hoppers, and chutes that are cylindrical, conical, cubical, or rounded.
We manufacture straight pipes and elbow pipes for ducts and chimneys. Regarding boxes, we provide a variety of forms such as installation-type and pallet type.
Design and manufacture of piping and support brackets
Screwed piping/welded piping.
Piping for gas, air, water supply/drainage, steam, and chemicals
SGPs, SUSs, and air tubes.
We also manufacture pipe supports and trestles
Manufacturing and installation of piping units.
Manufacture and installation of industrial machinery and plant equipment
Manufacture of industrial furnaces, conveyors, and various types of equipment
Using steel or stainless steel, we manufacture the outer frames for industrial furnaces and various transport equipment. We outsource the precision machining of shafts and machine parts.
Equipment assembly
Using bolts and nuts to attach components such as covers, doors, and lids to products.  Also, attaching mechanical parts such as chains, sprockets, shafts, and cylinders. Device assembly and test runs.
Remodeling/relocation and installation/installation
Dismantling/remodeling or relocation work for existing equipment
Mounting and installation work for various devices, canned products, and plant equipment.
CAD design/drafting
We conduct measurements on site and then design and draft.
We provide drawing sizes of A0 to A4 and B0 to B5.
Drawing disassembly
Tracing of ready-made drawings. Creating parts drawings and construction drawings from assembly drawings.
Art and craft production
Manufacture and installation of various monuments
Production and on-site installation work of public art and monuments made of iron or stainless steel.
Design and construction of steel reinforcement frames inside monuments.
Internal structure design and production of crafts
Design and production of the internal structures of traditional crafts such as those used in temples and shrines. Mainly iron and stainless steel are used.
Metal art and furniture production
Manufacturing art work and furniture with iron and stainless steel.
Repair and reinforcement of interior and classic works.
Manufacturing and repair of metro works and furniture made from iron.
We provide coating services as well.
Stair production
Residential stairs
Manufacturing staircases made from steel stainless steel for use inside houses.
We conduct measurements on site, and then design, manufacture, and install.
Store stairs
Manufacturing stairs made of iron or stainless steel for stores.
We conduct measurements on site, and then design, manufacture, and install.
Emergency stairs
External emergency stairs made of iron or stainless steel.
We conduct measurements on site, and then design, manufacture, and install.



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