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Yamagata Package Center Co.,Ltd.

◆Supporting customers with reliable technology! Our company meets various logistics needs

Our company offers cargo handling, storage, transportation, packaging, and installation services safely and reasonably. Our primary customers include 3M Japan Products, Ltd. and other major manufacturers. We have accumulated know-how based on many years of experience to meet the needs of our customers. You can use our offerings in a wide range of areas, including total inventory management, quality control, crating, logistics processing, and distribution systems for intermodal transportation.

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Corporate Profile
Comprehensive Logistics Service
[Main Businesses]
・Warehousing  ・Distribution processing  ・Automobile transportation  ・Automobile transportation handling
[Main operations]
・Storage  ・Cargo handling  ・Transportation  ・Crating  ・Inspection  ・Import/export cargo handling  ・Hazardous material cargo handling  ・Comprehensive logistics services, including handling of hazardous materials
[Safety Initiatives]
◆Safety in Warehouse Operations
As a management tool for companies and organizations, the Quality Management System (QMS) is designed to continuously provide superior product and service quality and improve customer satisfaction. Our company has firmly established the Plan, Do, Check, and Act cycle of the management system, which will enhance our competitiveness as a company and organization through the continuous improvement of products, services, and business processes.
◆Transportation safety
Our company is working to improve transportation safety by ensuring the formulation, implementation, checking, and improvement (PDCA) of plans related to transportation safety. Truck transport businesses are entering an era where establishments are chosen from the perspective of safety. Japan Trucking Association, an organization that implements the National Trucking Optimization Project, has launched a certification system for “Excellent and Safe Workplaces.”  
The G mark symbol of the “Excellent and Safe Workplace” certification is a sign of safety given only to freight forwarding business establishments that have received a high evaluation.
◆Information Security
The warehouse where we store our customers’ valuable information is under 24/7 monitoring and control through a security company.
[Awards/Media Coverage]
・Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Award (2002)
・Yamagata Health Company Declaration registered company
・Youth Support Declaration Company
[Acquisition of Certification, Accreditation, etc.]
・Warehousing business (regular warehouses, warehouses for hazardous and poisonous substances, low-temperature warehouses)
・Crating and distribution processing
・General motor truck transportation business (Shin/Ji/Ka No. 136)
・Automobile freight handling business (Shin/Ji/Ka No. 752)
・Automobile cargo agency business II registration No. 515
・Automobile cargo utilization business
・Light trucking business
◆List of cargo handling machines
•1.0t rack fork  •1.0t picker ace  •Powered
•2.0t forklift truck  •1.5t forklift truck
•1.5t reach forklift  •1.5t reach forklift  •Explosion-proof 1.5t reach forklift

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