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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:21

Junkosha Inc.

Leading the industry as the world's first thermofusible fluoropolymer molding and processing manufacturer

By combining and molding fluoropolymers and other high-performance polymers, we provide wires and cables, tubes and fittings, films, injection moldings, and high-performance component products.

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MIL-Standard Wires and Cables
This MIL-standard wire applied to the asteroid probes Hayabusa and Hayabusa2 can withstand the harsh environment of space.

MIL-standard products are approved for manufacture under the stringent quality requirements of U.S. military standards. Junkosha's fluoropolymer- and polyimide-insulated wires and cables have passed MIL-standard certification tests. Junkosha MIL-standard products are used for the internal wiring of aircrafts, rockets, ships, and various electronic devices because of their small diameter, light weight, and high reliability.
PEEK Insulated Wires
The PEEK wire passed the strict durability test of the International Space Station, Kibo.

The wire has excellent heat resistance, radiation resistance, high mechanical properties, and chemical resistance, and is lightweight. They are used in harsh environments such as nuclear power plants and outer space.
High Data Rate Cables
The high-speed signal transmission cable supports the world's leading supercomputer, the "K computer".

Taking full advantage of Junkosha's manufacturing technologies and the features of fluoropolymers, we achieved the low skew and low loss that are essential for digital transmission and developed a highly reliable cable product. The cable can be slimmer in diameter while complying with the strict standards of digital transmission. With the recent shift to serialization, various transmissions around us, including video and audio, have become faster. You can use these cables for a wide range of digital transmission applications.

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