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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:04

meistier corporation

With the technology strengths we have cultivated, we will drive a smart society and promote the realization of a more prosperous future.

We provide integrated in-house support for IoT systems and highly controllable manufacturing equipment and robots, as well as AI software, from technical R&D to manufacturing.

We help you improve productivity and create value by making manufacturing/production and primary industry sites smarter.

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Business contents and features
Manufacturing and sales of manufacturing equipment and precision machinery, from planning and development
Manufacturing and sales of embedded IoT systems and peripheral devices, from planning and development
Sales of own-brand AI (image processing) software, from R&D
Maintenance and field service of precision machinery, etc.
Evaluation and analysis services for semiconductors and materials
Contracted work in all aspects of the manufacturing industry
Career consulting, human resource introduction, worker dispatching
Overview and application examples of major products, technologies, goods, and services
Product name: VINIE

VINIE is a generic name for products that use AI software to realize the six senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, perception/prediction, etc.).

We currently offer the IP Stier family of vision solutions (face recognition, age and gender estimation, object recognition, correct/incorrect recognition, etc.) as needed.

We will provide products as a wide range of "mechanical eyes" in the fields of nursing care facilities, security services for watching over people, communication robots, factory automation, etc.
IP Stier GF1 AI face recognition software
This is the third "visual" version of our VINIE brand software product, which is AI face recognition software using deep learning technology. It runs on Windows 10 and can be tuned in-house.
IP Stier HR1 skeleton recognition software
This is the fourth "visual" version of our own-brand software product VINIE. This is skeletal recognition software that uses deep learning to estimate the human skeleton and recognize the subject's posture.

It can estimate organ points such as the nose, eyes, and shoulders, and angles between organ points such as the elbows and knees, which are learned using deep learning technology.

It is also possible to relearn points adapted to your environment or to add additional organ points, such as adding five fingers specifically for the arms.