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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:22

Traum Co.,Ltd.

Human & Challenge—a company that meets customer needs at 120 percent

Our company is engaged in manufacturing, trading, robotics, and SI/IT in a sophisticated manner. We can handle everything from manufacturing and purchasing to sales and operation.

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Business Description
Manufacturing Business
Traum is an engineering company working in all kinds of industrial settings. We handle products, parts, and technologies that are used in various fields of various industries. By making the most of our distinctive technological capabilities and the manufacturing network cultivated over many years, we support our customers from design all the way to prototyping and mass production.

[What Traum Can Do]
・Mechanical equipment: Mechanical design, electronic circuit design, assembly
・Metalworking: Aluminum, iron, SUS, brass, difficult-to-cut materials
・Resin and rubber molding, injection molding, punching: ABS, POM, and EPDM.
・Electrical components: Printed circuit boards, circuit design, manufacturing, harness manufacturing, electronic component procurement
・Sheet metal, stamping, welding, and can manufacturing: Aluminum, stainless steel, brass
・Surface treatment: Aluminum vapor deposition, polishing, coating
・Fabric: Chemical fiber, natural fiber
・Packaging: Corrugated cardboard, labels, boxes, blister packs
・Die castings: Aluminum, magnesium, zinc
・Model prototyping: Casting product, optical molding, 3D printing, 3D modeling, 2D/3DCAD, drawing

[What You Can Do with Traum]
・Communication: Communication base stations, 3.5-inch HDDs, mobile phones, printers
・Equipment: Solar power generation systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, store reservation system equipment, gathering system equipment, marine equipment enclosures, conveyor control panels
・Robots: Mechatronics, control units, exterior
・Drones: Drone fuselage, gimbal mechanism, design and manufacture, air-photo signals
・Automobiles: Engine control equipment, automatic drive controllers
Disaster prevention: Dams, bank monitoring cloud cameras, lightning protection products, fire alarms, cable TV amplifiers
Medical: Ophthalmic instruments, lens manufacturing machinery, pharmaceutical production equipment, surgical masks, KN95 masks, protective clothing, disinfectant solutions
Optical: Microscopes, laser equipment, surveillance cameras, monoculars, surveillance cameras, image inspection machines
Transportation: Subway ticket vending machines
Finance: ATMs
Civil engineering and construction: Sensor mounts for power shovels, design and manufacture of jigs for construction equipment
Robot Business
If you want to build, use, buy, or sell robots, Traum can help you with all that. We have handled many types of robots, including AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), autonomous drones, and nursing care robots. We provide not only physical robots but also measurement and surveying services using robots.
SI/IT Business
Some systems require Traum's unique services because we can cover both manufacturing and distribution. We will build the most suitable system to meet your needs. Not only do we provide total support for system installation, kitting implementation, operation, maintenance, and sales, but we can also dispatch full-time call center and system operation personnel from Traum. Software, hardware, human resources, and system construction are all available at Traum.

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