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Latest update: 24/06/2021 17:05:47

PROCOM International Co., Ltd.

Human Communications: 
Connecting people from one generation to the next.
We create opportunities for innovative communication in today’s world.

Since our foundation in 1994, we have provided detailed and high-quality services that meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, primarily in the planning and execution of domestic and international conferences, academic meetings and gatherings, expositions and seminars, including the provision of translation and interpretation services. We have long been engaged in the provision of live-streaming and on-demand streaming for events, and we are enhancing our online meeting, academic gathering service, and interpretation services.

[Message from the Representative]
Procom International Co., Ltd. has 25 years of experience in the planning and operation of international conferences and academic gatherings, and the provision of interpretation and translation services.
Utilizing web technologies, we have long been engaging in the operation and provision of online live events and on-demand events.
In addition to the conventional academic conferences and events held on site, we would like to focus on the management and distribution of online events using web conferencing and e-learning systems, for which demand is rapidly expanding.

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Sales Pitch

[English/Chinese/Korean and others] Multilingual Translation Service
We support the translation of various documents that are indispensable for overseas transactions, such as instruction manuals, conference materials, presentation materials, advertisements, websites, etc.
 With our motto of providing quality and careful services from translators with extensive experience and achievements, we provide translation services in English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean, other Asian languages, French, German, Spanish, Nordic languages, and many others.
 As we have a business base near Tokyo Big Sight, please feel free to contact us if you need the translation and printing materials for exhibitions and expositions, and interpretation and attendant services at conferences and business negotiations, etc.

[Supported Languages]
English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, East Asian languages, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Nordic languages, etc.
[Supported Fields]
IT, automobile, medical, chemical, science and technology, environment and energy, architecture, law, economy, mass media, publishing, beauty, fashion, entertainment, marketing, audiovisual, etc.
[Supported Documents]
Conference materials, reports, instruction manuals, PR materials, news articles, advertisements, websites, menus, technical documents, contracts, presentation materials, academic meeting abstracts, research papers, video captions, etc.
[Translation Achievements]
We have a wide range of clients, including government offices, local governments, non-profit organizations, research institutions, universities, hospitals, private companies (IT, medical, chemical, automotive, machinery, publishing, advertisement, finance, etc.), individuals and others.
[Conferences, Exhibitions, Business Meetings, etc.] Interpretation Services to Meet a Wide Variety of Requirements
International conferences, exhibitions, facility tours, and business negotiations - we will lead your business to success with our interpretation services that meet a wide variety of customers' requirements..
 Located in the TFT Building, which is located next to Tokyo Big Sight, we have skilled and experienced interpreters who can provide simultaneous interpreting services at the international conferences and academic meetings for various professionals from the ICT, automotive, medical, science and technology, environmental fields, etc., consecutive interpreting services at smaller meetings and business negotiations, and attendance interpretation at facility tours, supporting to meet a wide variety of customers’ needs.
 For meetings or any other occasions where interpretation services are necessary but all attendees may not be able to meet in person due to COVID-19 guidelines, we provide web-based interpretation services.
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

[Conference Interpreting Services (Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whispered Interpreting)]
International conferences, academic meetings, medical congresses, symposiums, seminars, in-house meetings, etc.
*We provide rental and set-up services for simultaneous interpretation booths and related equipment.
[General Interpreting Services]
Business negotiations, attendance, trade shows, facility/factory tours, training sessions, press conferences, receptions, interviews, etc.
[Supported Languages]
English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, etc.
[Supported Fields]
Automotive, ICT, IT security, environment, healthcare, science and technology, economy, finance, human rights, etc.
[Achievements of Interpretation Services]
We have many achievements in providing simultaneous interpretation at various international conferences, and consecutive interpretation at business meetings and interviews, etc.
- Consecutive interpretation for a facility visit and presentation with a distribution company
- Simultaneous interpretation for the annual conferences hosted by Japan office of US automotive parts company
- Interpretation of an interview with executive officers of US IT firm, published in the company brochure
- Simultaneous interpretation at medical congresses and international symposiums.
[Seminars/Academic Conferences, etc.] Comprehensive Planning and Organizing Services for Event Preparation and Management
We undertake comprehensive planning and management work such as advance preparation, event operation and post-work for international conferences, academic meetings, seminars, etc..
[Advance Preparation]
- Selection of meeting venue options (recommendations made from our meeting venue database according to the purpose)
- Preparation of budget documents and financial and accounting work (preparation of cashflow statements and cash management)
- Preparation and management of entire schedules (detailed scheduling from advance preparation to post processing)
- Support for fund-raising (preparation of prospectus, depositing management, follow-up of request assignees, credit notification, and preparation of gratitude letters).
- Planning and preparation of printed materials (preparation of invitation letters and posters, abstract submissions, production of abstract books and proceedings, etc.).
- Collecting and managing abstracts (management of database of participants and abstracts using managing software)
- Website creation (provision of various online forms)
- Management and operation of participant registration information
- Support of related committees (committee meeting notifications, preparation of meeting materials, preparation of meeting minutes, etc.)

[Event Operation]
Provision and management of event operation staff on the event day (provision and management of staff responsible for participant reception, PC center operation and party reception)
Setting up and managing catering and coffee services
Network installation and management
Preparation and installation of signs and displays
Equipment rental (computer presentation equipment, video equipment, and portable simultaneous interpretation equipment).
Planning, preparation, setup and management of small exhibition spaces
Tour planning and operation (planning and operation of facility visits and various sightseeing tours)
Setup and management of poster sessions
Arrangement and management of accommodation facilities

[Post-Conference Follow-Up]
Audio typing
Questionnaire counting
Preparation of accounts and financial statements
Preparation of reports
Preparation and mailing of gratitude letters
Web casting




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