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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:31

MUSCLE Corporation

Muscle Corporation’s workload-reducing technology supports the nursing care industry

We are adept at the control of various types of motors, and we have achieved high levels of performance at our lowest-ever cost. Our products are used in embroidery sewing machines, medical equipment such as artificial respirators, semiconductor/HDD manufacturing and testing equipment, and in various other fields, and we have earned high praise in the industry as a specialist in unique controllers.

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Sales Pitch

Robohelper SASUKE
SASUKE Robot helper assists in transferring care recipients between their beds and their cars.

SASUKE supports the care receiver’s weight as if they were being carried in someone’s arms.
This offers easy to operate transfer assistance and better communication time. It facilitates the transfer of care aid operations while allowing the caregiver to easily look at the care receiver.
Designed for kindness and ease of use. A special design by Toshiyuki Kita, a world-famous product designer.
Motor with a brain "Cool Muscle"
COOL MUSCLE is an all-in-one design AC servo system with a built-in motor, controller, encoder and driver, which are generally necessary for controlling servo motors.
High-performance motors that can be operated accurately, even by users without any knowledge of servo motors.
Benefits of product utilization
Reduced wiring and space saving
All-in-one Cool Muscle contributes to space saving and reduced wiring. Just connect the cable to your PC or PLC. It is quite simple, as complex wiring is usually necessary. This helps reduce the time required for assembly and maintenance.

 Servo performance at low prices
Cool Muscle controls servos by attaching encoders to the stepping motors. Controlling servo motors, which is usually expensive and complex, can be achieved easily and simply.

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