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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:34:59


We are a proposal-oriented company that solves our customers’ problems by adding functionality to rubber.

We meet our customers’ requests by adding unique characteristics to our products, which are created through our core technologies of “controlling color and light,” “surface improvement,” and “material denaturalization.” 


Sales Pitch

Color and light control technology
ASA COLOR LED has a color variation of more than 10,000 colors and color variance minimizing feature. Custom-made colors can be created as requested by designers, and same color qualities can be retained for repeated use. Uniform automotive interior lights help enhance the brand concept of automanufacturers. Also, the technological application of color filters to general-use LED lights enables minute adjustment of color temperatures as required by architectural light designers.
It is an LED lens with excellent UV-resistant, weather-resistant, transparency, and heat resistance. Owing to its high reliability, it is used in automotive and outdoor lighting applications. It can also be accommodate customization by optical engineers. We provide our standard lenses with wide variations designed to reduce customers’ mold production cost and to offer prompt response to their requests.
About white silicone ink
A reflective paint with excellent heat-resistance and UV resistance. It is possible to improve the efficiency of LED and LED light extraction without causing color change or efficiency decline due to heat and UV deterioration. We handle a wide variety of products, including silicon ink, films, steel sheets, and ceramics ink. We can provide our customers with a number of usage examples, including flexible, bending, and heat-protection applications.
Surface modification technology
Flexible Peltier F-TEM
Using rubber, which is an elastic body, a soft Peltier device (cooling/heating) was created. It has properties such as “applicability to curved surfaces,” “shock absorption,” “vibration absorption,” and “substantially lighter weight,” which differentiate it from previous Peltier element products. We offer proposals for expanding design flexibility and applications.         * This product uses Peltier elements produced by Ferrotec Corporation and is available for our sales partners.
Pressure-sensitive rubber sensor

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