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We specialize in export/import outsourcing and purchase outsourcing.

Our company has been entrusted with importing from and exporting to the overseas factories of major electronics manufacturers since the 1990s. We have experience in transporting various materials (including dangerous goods), production equipment, and factory equipment, and we have abundant knowledge on matters pertaining to import/export.
Using this experience and knowledge, we can support your import/export operations.
Regarding purchase outsourcing, due to various recent influences, there may be cases where parts such as semiconductors are unavailable.
Using both our domestic and international network, we research market inventory and sell products.
Also, if you are looking for something specific, please feel free to contact us about any industry or field, and we will do the research for you using our network.

We expect that the current climate where companies struggle with shortages in human resources will continue in the future and would be glad to support your company’s operations in a pinpoint manner.

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Purchasing Outsourcing
AIRQUIN Apparel industry
[What is AIRQUIN?]
● AIRQUIN is a very convenient air vinyl mannequin that can not only be placed, hung, or floated for displays but can also be folded, carried, and put in a bag.
[Purpose of use]
● This mannequin can not only be dressed but can also be used without clothing for art displays
● It is a creative item that can be used in spaces that have not been used until now, such as in your room, unused spaces in stores, and event venues.
[Development ]
● We focused on the merits of vinyl material—light weight, portability, and inexpensive— and succeeded in test development of an air vinyl mannequin.
After this, we conducted research and development for its practical use and chose “AIRQUIN” as the product name, and acquired a trademark.
We have succeeded in commercialization, and now “AIRQUIN” is a hot commodity with increasing inquiries not only domestically but from Europe and the United States as well.
[ Product characteristics ]
1. Soft touch → Displays can be created that take advantage of its soft touch that is similar to human skin.
2. Translucent colors→ Production of spaces that are “pop,” “art,” and “cute.”
3. Portability → It is possible to fill and remove air, meaning it can be easily made compact for carrying.
4. Lightweight → Its weight is 10 to 20% of conventional products.

Please feel free to contact us, as we can propose products that will meet your needs.
Own Brand “OMC Tokyo” EC business
We have our own brand called “O.M.C. TOKYO,” and run an e-commerce site that sells beauty, health, and convenience goods. 

This e-commerce site sells approximately 10 million yen worth of products each month, and has produced many best-selling products. The main goods displayed are beauty, health, and convenience related; however, we are looking for products to display across all categories except food and medicine.

Ideally, we would ask for the product to be directly shipped from the manufacturer during the beginning stages of sales, where large sales are not yet expected. Once sales performance reaches a certain level, we will purchase in lots and handle shipping.

We also operate an e-commerce site and beauty salon in Indonesia, which has a larger market than Japan, so we are also looking for items to sell there.

Please feel free to contact us.
Tokyo Belle Indonesian Beauty Business
Our company runs 10 beauty salons with the name “Tokyo Belle.” Beauty and health items are our main products. We are looking for products to display.

If we can expect sales, we will purchase in lots.

We also operate an e-commerce site in Indonesia, which has a larger market than Japan, so we are also looking for items to sell there.

Please feel free to contact us.

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