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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:49


We, an import company of various parts used for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, sell the parts to semiconductor manufacturers in Japan.

We propose various plans including not only cost but also quality and technical improvement plans to our clients, semiconductor manufacturing factories. We then procure products that meet the clients' needs from companies inside and outside Japan, and provide the products to the clients.
By combining various procurement routes and our logistics, we make various proposals to clients in the fields of medical care and nursing care.

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Description of business
Semiconductor Division
We provide the world's latest information, technical innovation, prices, and products with quality that meets clients' needs.
Outsourcing Division
We provide the optimum human resources who will contribute to the improvement of clients' productivity.
Repair Division
We also provide services of repairing power supply devices and other devices. 
Logistics Division
We are fully equipped with standard-compliant warehouses for seven temperature ranges to provide clients with products with reliable quality.
Service for visualization mapping of location data and vital data
Data collected from various devices (activity trackers, thermo-hygrometers, infrared ray sensors, etc.) supporting Bluetooth communication is transferred to a dedicated cloud and then displayed on a map application formed on the cloud. Accumulated data can be recorded in units of hours, minutes, or seconds and used as a behavior analysis tool. Since maps formed on the cloud can be additionally registered through a PDF application, the user can easily register and set multiple buildings and areas. This is a service that allows for combinations of various devices depending on clients' needs and that can visualize required information. 

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