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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:55

shiogai seiki Co., Ltd.

Carrying out processes ranging from planning and designing FA (factory automation) equipment as well as automatic equipment to processing machine components

Under an integrated production system, we carry out production processes ranging from planning, designing, assembling, and producing FA equipment as well as automatic equipment to processing metal machine components (mainly cutting and welding them). We are able to produce a wide range of parts ranging from a large-sized frame to a small mechanical part.

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Description of business
Machine manufacturing
Designing and producing FA equipment as well as automation equipment in a one-stop manner
We develop, design, produce, and assemble FA equipment (automation equipment) that meets your requirements. With the spirit of craftsmanship that always pursues perfection, we thoroughly manufacture products. If drawings are available, we are able to immediately give an estimate. Even if the equipment is in the planning stage, we are able to provide its specifications. We carry out processes ranging from specification provision and drawing for design to production, in a one-stop manner.
Machine processing
Part production, material processing, and material welding
We are able to process and produce various parts including large- or small-sized ones and mass-produced ones.
Taking advantage of the fact that we even manufacture finished products, we are able to meet our customers' needs with our ability to propose and solve problems.
Planning, designing, and producing original products
Original product: "shuman"
Various chemical agents are used in production processes, generating various smells. The components that cause the smells are diversified. Therefore, it was extremely difficult to eliminate the bad smells caused by different factors. Now, a wide range of smells can be eliminated thanks to analyzing the causes of the smell and selecting the filter suitable for the components of the smell. After receiving documents such as an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the components of the smell irritating the client or for the chemical product causing the smell, we can more or less identify the type of the smell, judge whether demonstration equipment can eliminate the actual smell, and finally deliver "shuman".

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