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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:28


Leave the Resin and Wood Processing to Us

[Business Description and Features]
Our company uses NC routers and other machines to perform high quality, high precision machining, mainly on plastic and wood. We can meet various needs such as cutting and drilling materials. Our extensive lineup of special blades will help reduce costs if the blades apply to the processing. We also provide packaging material processing and assembly services for the parts. Our priority is to satisfy our clients, and we strive to respond quickly, carefully, and clearly.

[Overview of Main Products, Technologies, Goods and Services, and Examples of Use]
We mainly produce packaging materials by processing resins such as Durawood and Palonia, and we can meet various needs for non-metals. Although our company is still in its infancy, our clients love us because our experienced team meets their diverse needs. We will do our best to respond quickly to your needs, whether for a single prototype or a large lot.

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Sales Pitch

High-Precision Cutting of Resin and Wood by NC Router
Processing of Resin Wood
A high-quality, high-precision NC router cutting service is available. In addition, we have a variety of other machines to meet various needs. Please feel free to contact us for anything from a single piece to a large lot.
With our many years of experience and proven track record, we can solve problems and challenges during assembly smoothly through integrated production from processing to assembly. We can provide consultation on various issues such as screws, materials, and strength.
Comprehensive Consulting for Resin Products
Our company deals with various resins (PVC, acrylic, MC nylon, Durawood, Palonia, etc.). We will be happy to provide consultation if you are thinking of changing from wood to resin. Please feel free to consult us about anything.





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