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Compare. We know everything about cloth and the background behind quick sewing -- inside and out.

It has been more than a decade since we entered this industry. In the meantime, we have been abroad and seen how things are in the world of cloth and factories.

Since we are always committed to making proposals and providing samples quickly and increasing the quantities of mass-produced items, we have been highly acclaimed by our customers. We also make protective clothes as well.


Sales Pitch

Various proposals and sewing projects that take advantage of our track record of producing men's and women's clothes speedily
Though young, we know things -- a lot of things.
Our characteristics are that we propose projects for developing clothes mainly for men's and women's brands, beginning with their cloth, and that we produce samples and start to mass-produce the products dramatically faster than our competitors. 

We often hear some of our customers say, "However many times we have told our wishes to our supplier, they still haven't proposed the pattern of cloth that we wanted" and "Once we have finally received a finished design, we find something totally different from the line we hoped for." Even if you can't tell us exactly what you want, we explore by intuition what you really want, and put your true requirements into our design as much as possible.

Having been doing business with a wide variety of businesses, we have recently been seeing a growing number of businesses stressing how to differentiate themselves from the competition.

In addition to general proposals and projects for mass-production, we have been incorporating brand strategies with a focus on higher growth zones. We have also been increasingly engaging in business meetings with brands overseas which we normally didn’t do.

The characteristics that make us unique are also highly acclaimed by our customers today.

Fees involved are not too low, and are not too high either. We are confident that you will get something good.

We also make protective clothes that are in tight supply due to COVID-19 according to the use. We also make protective clothes for corporate use -- for example, out of transparent cloth as well. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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