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Established 76 years ago, we design, develop, manufacture, and sell control equipment and measuring devices used in the electric power and railway fields. 

We have many development achievements in various measuring/control devices that utilize both the analogue and digital technologies that we have acquired over many years. 
Moreover, we are actively expanding into diverse industrial fields, for instance, through our unique display system that uses magnetic force and CT with a waterproof/floodproof structure, and we have earned high praise for our products. 


Sales Pitch

Development of various measuring devices, power cable ground fault detection, and low power consumption display systems
Development of various measuring instruments
In addition to measuring voltage, current, and electric energy, we can accommodate design, trial manufacturing, and mass production of original measuring devices that combine various sensors for specific purposes such as gas pressure, gas concentration, temperature, and humidity, as requested by our customers.
Power cable ground fault detector
We identify the damaged sections of cables using a waterproof/leakproof CT that captures the ground current that is generated when there is a ground fault accident on underground cabling. 
Due to its high reliability, it has been adapted by electric companies all around Japan. 
Low power consumption display system
It is an energy saving magnetic reversal type display that uses instant pulsed current to turn a permanent magnetic disc (display disc). 
A brilliant and vivid display is achieved through the reflection of natural or artificial lights.
It does not consume electricity except during the turning motion, and the disc is self-holding due to its residual magnetism.  Therefore, no electricity is consumed during the display.  This makes it ideal as a status display for battery powered portable devices. 
It has been adapted to AEDs, gas detectors, and various relays.
Moreover, letters and graphics can also be shown by combining many displays. 

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