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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:15


Do you expect an increase in prices with respect to made-to-order production?

 Regarding the materials needed to produce micro drills (φ0.04 to φ0.5 or smaller), we are one of the few companies capable of manufacturing both high-speed steel and carbide, from prototyping to mass production. The shank diameter (handle section) is compatible with the following values: φ1.0, φ1.5, φ2.0, φ3.0 and φ3.175.

 We use integrated production to make centering drills, drills, pin gauges, and other hole-creating tools. Because we handle the entire process, issues can be quickly resolved.

 Our strength is in small-diameter pins such as extremely short pins (<3 mm), extremely short medium-flange pins, and extremely short double-ball pins. The technologies used here are unique to Seiko Drill.

 Cut pins (with D-cut, four-sided cut or eight-sided cut) and half-cut pins are also specialty fields of Seiko Drill.


Sales Pitch

The first choice for small-diameter drills and small-diameter pins is "Seiko Drill"
We manufacture small-diameter Luma drills (φ0.5 or less) with high speed and carbide.
 We are one of the few manufacturers that offer prototyping and production of small-diameter micro drills with shank diameters of φ1.0, φ1.5, φ3.0, φ3.175, and φ2.35, regardless of whether the material is HSS or carbide.
 We provide proposals that make good use of the characteristics of HSS and carbide.
 We also offer standardized products. Please contact us regarding these. 
We manufacture centering drills, drills, and pin gauges in an integrated manner.
 We offer integrated production of small diameter (φ0.5 or less) centering drills, drills, pin gauges, and tools for creating holes. Because we handle the entire process, issues can be quickly resolved.
 Pin gauges are made-to-order, for both carbide and HSS.
We manufacture small diameter pins with an extremely short overall length with high speed.
 For small-diameter pins, we manufacture very short pins (3 mm or less), extremely short middle brim pins, extremely short double-ball pins, and other short-length pins.
 Also, our cut pins (with D-cut, 4-sided cut or 8-sided cut) and half-cut pins are technologies that only Seiko Drill Co., Ltd., can provide.

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