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Latest update: 12/11/2021 08:56:26

Kuriyama Automobile Industry Co. Ltd.

Industry-first HP truck sales. We offer our customers a client-friendly experience
 and the security of knowing that we do the job thoroughly.
We make our customers and the earth smile. 
We aim to build a recycling-oriented society that is kind to the earth. 
Applied in assessing apps, Facebook and Line.Places importance on SDGs as well.

Trucks: We have an extensive range of rentacar 
and repair parts. Buying and selling used trucks [We also have new vehicles.
We are a company that makes all of our local partners and customers feel glad that they met us.
We aim to be a company where our employees can achieve self-actualization.

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Sales Pitch

Used trucks/unused [new and old] trucks;:used parts/recycled parts; and rental cars/short-term leases
Buy high quality used trucks. For the customer thinking "I want a truck that fits my budget."
Quality is a concern when purchasing used trucks => Main parts such as the engine and transmission. A total of more than 80 items were inspected.
 Kuriyama Auto Industry Co.,Ltd. has taken on the challenge of offering a free six-month warranty on all of our used trucks.
What is the total amount? => There are various costs other than the vehicle, such as automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax.
 For the various detailed fees, we present an estimate, an explanation and the total amount.
Can we do bookings (holds) => Yes, it is possible. We have staff in charge of customers, so reliable business discussions can be realized.
I cannot check the actual vehicle because I live too far away => We can send detailed photos to remote customers by email or by post, or have discussions online.
Explanation of the vehicle condition in as much detail as possible => Please understand that we prioritize viewing the actual vehicle.
 [In addition, for customers living within the 23 wards of Tokyo and in all areas of Chiba Prefecture who do not have time to come to view the vehicles, we can take the vehicle to you]
Usage of leases/loans => We also offer sales by lease/loan.
 Please feel free to contact us about any other payment methods that you wish to use.
How about accessories, repairs, painting, vehicle inspections, and customization? => Yes, of course.
How long do we need to wait for delivery? => As a guide, it can take from 10 days to three weeks, however, it can vary depending on the various contract and maintenance procedures, additional work, and the delivery location.
  We do our best to deliver according to the needs of our customers. We have dedicated staff who work with our customers after the contract has been signed,
  and who provide support in ensuring smooth delivery.

We also created an official smartphone app for the Kuriyama Motors Group.
 The stock of the three stores can be searched and viewed on the spot.
Cost reduction. Used parts that are friendly to the global environment. For the customer thinking "I want to buy truck parts."
Engine, transmission, differential, cabin, electrical components, exterior parts, body-related, other:
We also provide recycled parts for trucks that give you peace of mind. We offer a 90-day guarantee service for engines, transmission, and differentials.
In addition, you can search for parts not listed in our stock from a stock of 100,000 items held our partner companies.
For the customer thinking "I want to sell a truck. What would be the price received on selling this truck?"
Is purchasing possible in any area? => Mainly the Kanto region. It is possible to do visits nationwide on request.
 Feel free to apply for a free assessment. We do not do persistent sales calls. We prioritize our customers’ schedules.
Are business trip assessments free? => Free for the Kanto region. Even if negotiations do not result in a deal, we do not charge for the business trip fee and assessment.
Is it ok even while on loan? => Yes, of course. Many sales channels even for cars with expired vehicle inspection, cars that have been involved in accidents, or cars with high mileage
Because [Dismantling: Parts sales: We also have a foreign operations department] We present the optimal amount for the customer.
What is the difference with other companies? => We have a large number of truck purchasers. 
Focus of our company => Building partnerships with our customers
 In addition to offering the maximum valuation amount, we would like to keep in touch with you for a long time 
 through solid agency procedures, detailed contact, and used trucks even after purchase.



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Aiming to build a cyclical society