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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:33

Arbito Co.

Support with the latest technology and expertise in areas ranging from inspection of facility infrastructure to maintenance

Performing image analysis with drones and AI and applying our specialist expertise, we provide a one-stop service that covers everything from the inspection of infrastructure facilities to repairs.
By applying the expertise that we have accumulated in various fields in selecting the right type of materials for high-precision image analysis and in identifying the best form of analysis for reliable maintenance, we effectively promote the cooperation between specialists, ensuring the provision of high-quality services at reasonable prices.

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Business information
Solutions for infrastructure equipment such as wind farms and bridges
Inspection work using drones
From damage analysis to reporting using AI and specialist knowledge
Repair work
Promotional support for preventive maintenance, including follow-up monitoring
Risk assessment cost simulation
Risk analysis based on the damage history of the facilities
Implementation reports on the follow-up monitoring (preventive maintenance) cycle
R&D service
Problem-solving consultations related to inspection, analysis, and repair
We support problem solving in cooperation with our clients, from proposing solution plans and plan implementation to follow-up monitoring.