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We support our customers’ product development and productivity improvements with industry-leading molding and precision processing technology.

We develop and provide highly original products to the market, which we create using our high-precision processing technology.
We have acquired and refined technological resources such as “precision processing,” precision molding,” and “optical technology.” Currently using these technologies as a platform, we supply products and services to markets such as “information and communication,” “automobiles,” and “medical and biotechnology.”

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Business field
Precision molds
We have an integrated manufacturing system that spans everything from die and mold material processing, quenching, polishing, through to assembly. We use this system to manufacture a variety of precision molds. We utilize low-temperature molding technology, thin-wall molding technology, and micro-pattern imprinting technology to provide molds that maximize production efficiency.
Precision molded product
Using ultra-precision mold technology and thin-walled fine transfer technology, we have achieved accurate transfer in thin-walled molded products with plate thicknesses of 0.3 mm or less, as well as fine uneven structures at the nanometer level. This technology enables high-quality molded products to be provided to the automobile, medical, and biotechnology fields.
Precision parts processing
We offer micron-size precision part manufacturing based on our mold manufacturing processing equipment and technology.
Based on our customer’s drawings, we manufacture high quality products reliably, one after another. In addition to machine accuracy, we also offer dimensional evaluations using a full range of measuring equipment.

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