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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:47

Topack Co.,Ltd.

Since our foundation in 1978, we have consistently been a manufacturer of clear cases.

We manufacture and sell clear cases by using our own facilities located within the country. We manufacture sack-type clear cases and box-&-slip-on-lid-type (C-type) clear cases at our own plant. Cylindrical cases and acrylic furniture and fixtures are manufactured at our partner factories within the country. We use a machine pasting process, which is employed by only a few companies in Japan, to create box-&-slip-on-lid-type (C-type) clear cases. We can deliver products of stable quality to our customers at low cost and in a short time.

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Introduction to our products
Sack-type clear case
This is the most common type of clear case that is widely used. It is available in various versions, including an up-down insertion version and a lock version.
We have manufactured and sold sack-type clear cases used for various purposes, including small clear cases for holding small items like incense, large clear cases for holding preserved flowers, and sturdy clear cases for holding relatively heavy objects like liquor bottles.
Box-&-slip-on-lid-type clear case
The box-&-slip-on-lid-type clear case is our signature product. Because we use a machine for pasting, we can deliver large-batch orders in a short time. Furthermore, unlike the sack type, we do not charge you for wood molds for this type of clear case.
Usually, both the box and the slip-on lid are made of clear materials, but a different version of this product consists of a paperboard box and a clear slip-on-lid, which can be used to hold shirts, Kyoho grapes, confectionery, and stationery, or for various other purposes.
Cylindrical case
We ask for a minimum purchase quantity of 1,000. We can print text and patterns on the body of the case.
The opening of the body is available in two types: straight type and curled type (in which the opening is curled inward). (Depending on the conditions, only one type may be feasible.)