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KY next LLC.

We totally support the expansion of the export of Japanese-made products to overseas.

We are not a trading company which merely discovers overseas clients in place of your company. Rather, we introduce only Japanese products and goods which can be shown off overseas, cooperate with leading companies in foreign countries, and are committed to all the processes including product development as well as sales promotion in the target country and promotion plans tailored to the country.

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Total support for exporting products, made or processed in Japan, and Japanese traditional crafts overseas
Total support for exporting wagyu (Japanese cattle beef), pork, and chicken
By utilizing our own network composed of influential communities comprised of affluent people and influencers in the UK, Singapore, and Thailand, we are committed to all the processes: Promoting the sales of exported products, finding clients in foreign countries, developing products, and expanding the sales of original products in the foreign countries. Your company does not have to conclude a complicated consulting contract. After your company and our company reach a mutual understanding for allowing us to promote the sales of your product in the countries, we will do our best. Our policy is to deliver valuable products to people who understand their value, to transform them to brand products that will be longed for by people.
Total support for exporting marine products: sea urchins, scallop adductors, and oysters
Marine products, which are resources of Japan, are a treasure of the sea for which competition is fierce in foreign countries. Their prices do not have to be beaten down. We carefully select buyers who understand the value of marine products from our network and connect them to you. We are a company composed of professionals in the restaurant business, receive offers to launch Japanese food businesses in various countries, and, one by one, support the launch and promotion of the businesses. After the buyer has been introduced to you, you can sign an exclusive contract with the buyer for your marine products and promote your brand products to affluent people and influencers in each country who will be your customers. Delivering the maximum performance from a small capital is our basic strategy.
Delivering Japanese traditional crafts and special products to cultural figures around the world 
In order for Japanese original products, such as kimonos, pottery, tea, and Japanese sake, to be delivered to people who understand their value, and in order for the value to be widely known to the world, you can use our network composed of affluent people, influencers, and specialty Japanese restaurants in foreign countries. Japanese culture is highly valued in foreign countries and has a potential to be more widely evaluated. "Our company is not good at making appeals, does not know how to make them, or would like to leave necessary tasks to a consultant." We do not take measures that depend on money or advertisements. Rather, we select buyers from our original network built in foreign countries, introduce them to you, and propose a sales promotion plan suitable for the target country. At first, please let us know how wonderful your products are.



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