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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:42:01

Chuouseiki Co.,Ltd.

We pride ourselves in our precision part machining skills and rigorous inspection scheme that satisfy the levels of quality required of aircraft parts.

We are a manufacturer specializing in precision part machining and brazing. Our products are highly appreciated by customers in the fields of aircraft/industrial equipment and medical devices where high precision and high quality are mandatory requirements. In addition to machining aluminum alloy, we can handle a wide variety of materials such as heat-treated steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, brass, resin, titanium, and Inconel.

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We manufacture machined parts for precision machinery and provide brazing services. Our strengths can be summarized as follows:

In addition to a five-axis processing machine and a three-dimensional CAD/CAM system, we have introduced a work conveyor system that utilizes industrial robots, which, together, allow us to process difficult-to-machine complex articles.
We machine and process parts in any quantities, from high-mix low-volume production items to mass production items.
We have extensive experience and superb technical expertise in areas related to water-cooled welding torches for silver brazing.
We have a total of 24 technicians, which include eight first-grade numerically controlled lathe technicians, who machine various types of metal and resin.
We also machine difficult-to-machine materials, including high hardness steel that exceeds HRC48 and titanium and Inconel.
We can procure various materials by ourselves, as well as heat-treat and apply various surface finishes to them.
Automatic machining using robots and gantry loaders offers cost advantages.

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