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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:56

KOSKA Corporation

Solution to managing (Kan-ri) worksites (Gen-ba) and costs (Gen-ka)

We plan, develop, and provide GenKan, the industry's first IoT service that automatically calculates costs. In addition to visualizing and streamlining various aspects of work, IoT can also help you collect information necessary for business management and decision-making. GenKan utilizes IoT to visualize costs arising from the production site and enables cross-sectoral improvement of business management activities ranging from sales to production.

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About GenKan
Features of GenKan
We use our original hardware and software to provide a service that offers the so-called "visualization of the manufacturing site" at a reasonable cost. GenKan offers a solution to the problems inherent to manufacturing companies, including inability to accurately keep track of what is going on at the production site, time-consuming efforts required to collect data, difficulty in using data to conduct an analysis or initiate kaizen (improvements), and high costs involved in introducing and maintaining a new system.
How to use GenKan
1. Recording work start time and work end time by using radio frequency identification (RFID)
Work start time and work end time can be recorded by simply placing a work instruction sheet or other similar item with an RFID tag attached to it over an RFID reader installed near each production line.
2. Retrieving data on hours actually worked from a camera that automatically detects workers
The hours actually worked is automatically retrieved from a camera installed at a location where it can capture the production line and automatically detect workers.
3. Keeping track of the progress of work in the entire plant by using a Gantt chart
All information can be viewed on the web screen in real time, and a Gantt chart shows the amount of time and manpower spent on each process. Products on which longer-than-expected operating days are spent can be identified at a glance.
4. Identifying the difference between estimated prices and the actual costs
The difference between estimated man-hours and the actual processing costs can be identified upon shipment.
Benefits of GenKan
Data retrieved from the IoT sensor can be viewed in real time on the dashboard of a computer. Furthermore, we analyze the retrieved data and interpret the analysis results for our customers. Our cost analysis expert gives the customer a monthly briefing on the interpretation of data, which takes about an hour. This briefing can also be attended by managers and production control personnel, which will contribute to a company-wide understanding of the appropriate kaizen (improvement) approach. One of our customers who incorporated GenKan achieved a 20% reduction in actual costs, which brought the actual costs down to the estimated costs and contributed to increased profits.


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