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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:25

techno-creative CO.,LTD.

We provide business integration services for the new era

We are a comprehensive engineering company specializing in various specialized fields ranging from system development to design, manufacturing, and other forms of production.

We also focus on developing our own products, such as a nursery school management systems and systems for analyzing the recruitment process.

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Business contents
System integration
[System Development]

We analyze your business operations and provide comprehensive support for system workflow analysis, configuration, system design, maintenance, and operation.

We plan and develop information systems to solve problems and realize requirements, and provide systems that will take your business to the next stage.

[Infrastructure construction and operation]

We establish an environmental foundation for your IT infrastructure, from the design and construction of servers and network equipment to daily operation and monitoring.

We will make proposals according to your environment and requirements by leveraging our strengths as an independent company and by selecting and combining equipment from multiple vendors.

[Customer support]

We have an extensive range of expertise to support a wide variety of systems, from PCs to servers and network equipment.

With our wealth of experience in the field and our expertise, we understand your IT environment and business, and propose all kinds of reliable services to solve your problems.
Engineering services
[Manufacturing business]

As a behind-the-scenes support for Monozukuri craftsmanship and logistics in all kinds of fields, from semiconductors to electronic components to automobiles, we respond to a wide range of needs in a diverse array of manufacturing processes.

[Development business]

(1) Design Division
Contract work from jigs to equipment design, etc.
2D and 3D CAD design and control design
Dispatch services for mechanical and control engineering departments

(2) Equipment Division
Contract work for maintenance and operation after delivery of equipment
Dispatch of engineers to end users in Japan and overseas
Office work
We match staff with the various office skills and customer service skills you require and provide support.

Providing human resources to meet your needs
We will introduce you to human resources who can work in a variety of settings.

Training system
We have an extensive training system that includes recruit training, a support system for the visually impaired, and support from mental health specialists.

Follow-up system
Our staffing coordinators will follow up with you and your staff to improve their skills and maintain their motivation.

Thorough security training
We thoroughly implement information security training for all employees.
Product information
Hotto Navi
A nursery school management system created by a former nursery school teacher
A new form of communication connecting nursery schools and families via the Web
A calendar application for smartphones
Manage two notebooks with one app
Recruiting Assistant
Cost-effectiveness analysis of recruitment media
Recruitment process analysis

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