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Latest update: 06/04/2023 12:36:23

AdFaces Co., Ltd.

We provide advertising and sales promotion services in a one-stop manner! Based on extensive experience nurtured since our foundation 24 years ago, we are able to propose these services at reasonable prices.

We are able to provide a wide range of services that include not only website creation and webinar delivery, but also video production and the creation and printing of paper documents such as companies' brochures and sales promotion tools. Since we employ staff dedicated to planning, design, websites, and so on, we are able to provide our services at reasonable prices. Since our foundation, we have been directly doing business with various companies. Accordingly, we can make proposals that reflect the needs of clients and are aimed at the clients' targets.


Sales Pitch

Website creation and webinar delivery
Delivering online seminars and meetings to clients, members, or all employees 
Recent social situations have been increasing the need for online seminars and meetings. However, there are various obstacles to delivering such online activities. Doing so requires time and trouble beyond expectation: For example, creating content to be delivered, preparing equipment, arranging filming staff, and cooperating with the base. Live seminars and meetings may not tolerate failure. We have a lot of experience in organizing webinars. Regardless of the scale of the webinar or the type of business, we are able to organize webinars for them. Please feel free to contact us for various purposes including mere consultation.
Video production
Demand for videos is increasing in various situations. More and more companies are creating "videos," which have high appeal, of the companies' introduction, product description, case introduction, etc. and utilize them in their own websites, YouTube channels, signage, showrooms, and so on.  
We perform processes including planning, shooting, and editing videos. If you have existing material, we may be able to create a video at low cost. We are able to make proposals suitable for the purpose. Please feel free to contact us.