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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:59

Kikuchi Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

From design to manufacture, from prototype production to mass production

We undertake comprehensive production of jigs, tools, and precision machine parts (including automotive parts) by using robot welding, plate working, and machining.
In addition to design and development, we also undertake sheet-metal working (thin and thick plates, three-dimensional plasma cutting, press working, etc.), welding (TIG/MIG/MAG welding, decorative welding, robot welding, etc.), machining (machining of round/square/large articles, electrical discharge machining, three-dimensional cutting, etc.), and assembly (assembly of factory automation (FA) devices, etc.) to respond to all processing needs in-house.

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Sales Pitch

[Business description and features]
We run an "all-around metal working business" and take care of everything in-house, including design, planning, development, analysis, manufacture (sheet-metal working, welding, machining), electric installation, control, machine assembly, on-site installation, and import/export operations. We have an extensive lineup of parts, equipment, and processing methods to serve our customers in a wide variety of fields, and our comprehensive know-how allows us to propose the best manufacturing approaches and products to our customers. This is precisely the reason why we pride ourselves as being a "proposal-driven company".
[Main products/overview of our technology, products, and services/examples of how our products are used]
Factory automation (FA) equipment, test devices, material handling equipment, lifting devices, automobile parts, heavy electrical parts, medical equipment parts, food equipment, chambers, pressure containers, civil engineering machines, equipment, parts, building components, household goods, and monuments, among many others. Group companies: Juchi (Dalian) Automatic Facilities K.K., CHAINWAITER K.K. (our own brand of lifting device)
Our achievements in delivering parts and equipment to an extensive variety of industries allow us to make the following proposals:
Our ability to take care of everything within our company puts us in a unique position to make one-of-a-kind development proposals.
Our strategic procurement efforts (including procurement from overseas enterprises) allow us to reduce costs while maintaining reliable Japan quality.
We can take care of prototype production and mass production all by ourselves. Before the prototype production phase is even completed, we already know the expected quality and schedule for mass production, allowing us to propose a production plan with minimal risk.
We can propose production lines for our customers (including the manufacture of production facilities in the customer's lines).
Because we take care of all production processes by ourselves, the quality, delivery time, and costs of each product are clearly visible to our customers.
We can make unmatched proposals and offer superb planning to meet the needs of our customers.

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