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Out-of-the-box thinking and reliable technology that enable us to create new forms with micron-order precision

We are a manufacturer of precision electronic parts and electrical parts. We particularly excel in producing precision plastic molded articles, composite molded articles created by integrating metal inserts or outserts with plastics, and press-worked metal articles. Furthermore, we leverage our original know-how to manufacture the production facilities necessary to fabricate these articles, including plastic molds, press molds, metal fittings, and automatic assembly machines. Our outstanding skills in the stable production of high-quality PPS resin products are highly appreciated by our customers.

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Business description
Manufacture of precision electronic parts and electrical parts
[General molded articles]
We have molding machines of varying sizes from 5 to 350 ton, which are mainly used to mold connectors for vehicles (EV, HV) and household appliances (PC, cell phones). We promote automation to reduce human intervention and achieve reduced costs.

We have developed an automatic assembling machine for assembling automotive and consumer electronic parts. Our original manufacturing know-how allows us to satisfy the rigorous specifications required of assemblies and deliver high-quality products to our customers.

[Press-molded articles]
We have presses of varying sizes from 10 to 80 tons to provide fine pitch board-to-board connectors and terminals having a press-fit shape, among others. We also have incidental facilities such as automatic winders. These facilities allow us to reduce costs by automating operations.

[Composite molding]
Our originally-developed in-line molds (composite molding manufacturing line) integrates the following processes into a single line to reduce costs and produce high-quality products: a process of bending/separating terminals and inserting them into molds, a molding process that involves the use of vertical rotary molding machines, a finishing process where molded articles are ejected by robots for precision gate cutting, an appearance inspection process that involves the use of cameras, a functional inspection process, a QR code printing process, and a packaging process where final products are placed on a tray for packaging.
Original products
[Molding machine cleaner, TADAZO]
We sell our original molding machine cleaners that offer an easy-to-use, low-cost, and non-toxic solution that provides superb cleaning performance, leaves little residue, and saves time.
Ions contained in the cleaner weakens the metal-resin bonding, and the physical properties of the inorganic compounds help remove pigments and foreign matter with ease.

[Cleaning machine]
We develop and sell our own brand of cleaning machines for cleaning mold components after use.
Production machine business
In addition to designing and manufacturing various automated machines, we build specialized automated lines to streamline and improve the quality of various processes including molding, assembly, and inspection of products delivered to our customers in the fields of vehicles, household appliances, and healthcare, as well as various other industries.
[Our major achievements in the field of vehicles]
Assembly inspection device for connectors used in engine control units (ECUs)
Assembly inspection device for connectors used in anti-lock braking systems (ABSs)
Assembly inspection device for connectors used in air-bag systems
Insert molding inspection device for emission sensors
Molding inspection device for electric vehicle speed sensors
Assembly inspection device for connectors used in the power system of hybrid vehicles
[Our major achievements in the field of household appliances]
Assembly inspection device for HDMI connectors
LED attachment inspection device
Assembly inspection device for dome switches
Assembly inspection device for connectors used in mobile communication devices
Assembly inspection device for switches used in mobile communication devices
[Our major achievements in the field of healthcare]
Denture milling machine
Tableting testing machine
Capsule feeder
Sealer printing inspection device
Ointment tube transfer unit
Vial accumulation device
[Our major achievements in various industrial fields]
Assembly device for thermo valves used in faucets
Assembly device for valves used in toilet seats
Ballpoint pen assembly device
Automatic emboss packing device
Thrust washer inspection & packing device
Tapping machine


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