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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:44


Dedicated to manufacturing automotive parts—manufacturing that meets customers’ QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) requirements

Our company is engaged in automotive parts manufacturing, injection mold processing, and resin processing businesses. We established an integrated production system covering material processing, molding, and assembly by introducing various new machines, including precision devices and large equipment. The lineup of 11 injection molding machines ranging from 30 tons to 450 tons allows for 24-hour molding.

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Door Mirror Assembly
Door mirrors are required to have high functionality as well as design. Tano Seisakusho delivers high-quality products by utilizing its unique know-how.

・Door mirrors
We assemble and produce door mirrors for automobiles. From parts preparation to final inspection, most of the work is conducted by our female workers, who rigorously check the appearance, sound, and movement with their meticulous sense of detail.

・Multi-functional door mirrors
Today’s door mirrors do more than allow you to see behind you. They have become multi-functional, with turn lamps that blink when the car turns, foot lamps for illuminating your footing, and cameras to show the car's blind spots. These delicate components are mounted with the utmost care.
Interior Parts Assembly
Automobile interior parts are required to be aesthetically pleasing as well as user-friendly. We use an advanced production system to manufacture the parts and then carefully inspect them.

・Example of interior parts (1)
Parts used for car interiors are produced in the molding process and shipped after strict inspections by female inspectors. The parts are carefully checked to ensure a beautiful finish when installed in the car.

・Example of interior parts (2)
To ensure that the audio system’s sound quality inside the car is not compromised, even the mesh sections (with small holes) are manufactured and inspected with great care.
PLA Base Mold
・Low-cost “PLA base mold” with high resistance to pullout and settlement
Our PLA base mold (plastic base mold) is a permanent mold mainly used to form the supporting foundation of industrial outdoor solar power generation systems. It was designed and developed through repeated technical verifications, aiming to simplify construction and improve safety. Despite its simple construction method, the mold forms a strong foundation that is extremely resistant to pullout and settlement. 

The technical and construction verification involved various experts from inside and outside the construction industry and field personnel. The mold realized improved construction accuracy and convenience based on the established theory and does not require cumbersome work with conventional foundation forms or special equipment. The labor savings reduce the construction period, contributing to significant cost reductions and energy savings.

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