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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:44

FUJIMURA Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

Digitally linked processes enabled by an advanced network

One-stop processing enabled by the visualization of production processes.
We have established a system that digitizes processing technology-related information that builds up every day, allowing us to serve our customers with the latest processing technology that is appropriate to each industry.

This system enables us to keep track of the progress of processing work so that we can deliver the finished products to our customers on time. Digital production technology is also utilized in the processing work that requires manual work by our craftsmen to ensure consistent quality.

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Summary of our technology
Digital production technology
Digital sheet-metal working technology: Digitally linked processes enabled by our advanced network

We have a cutting-edge sheet metal plant that utilizes ICT. All processes are networked and monitored in real time. Our processing know-how is accumulated and shared within the company, enabling streamlined operations, improved quality, and stable supply. Order information is centrally controlled to completely visualize the progress of the entire processes from submission of quotes to making the necessary arrangements within the company, purchasing, manufacturing, and delivering the final products to our customers. Digital sheet-metal working allows us to present a conceptualized product image in 3D graphics. This 3D data is shared among workers in the production lines, allowing them to understand the shape of the product, which contributes to reducing processing mistakes and improving efficiency.
From high-mix low-volume production to mass production
[Production in medium to large batches]
The combined processing machine ACIES executes all processes (including picking and setting up molds and materials, blanking, and laser beam machining) with almost no human intervention, which is a perfect solution for not only improving the work environment but also reducing costs and ensuring on-time delivery.

[Production in small batches]
To handle multiple small-batch production orders in parallel, we have achieved optimum "nesting" by utilizing special CAM. Simultaneous processing of multiple products saves materials and time, allowing us to fulfill orders for even a single item with the speed of producing medium-batch products. On average, we fulfill 500 different small-batch orders a day.
Three-dimensional CAD
The use of three-dimensional CAD/CAM and networking of individual processes have enabled advanced automation.
Depending on the processing menu, 72-hour continuous operation without human intervention is also possible.

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