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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:49

Nittoh Inc.

Light, Our Pursuit. Seeking the apex of light that no one has ever seen.

Our company develops and manufactures optical-related equipment such as modules for digital still cameras and so on. Our foundation is built on more than 70 years of know-how in optical lens development and manufacturing. We will continue to create innovative products by further refining our solid technology and fusing it with state-of-the-art technology. Our power of innovation realizes the ideal of the kinds of products it would be good to have. We will continue to respond to advanced needs as an optimal partner for companies in Japan and around the world.

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Optoelectronics Division
What we are pursuing is the possibility of light.
We are constantly refining our optical technology, which is our company's core technology, to satisfy all kinds of needs, from ultra-high-resolution lenses used in high-end precision instruments to DSC lens units with a monthly production volume of several million units. We are equipped with the latest inspection equipment, including a resolution measurement room with a 200-inch screen, x-ray analysis equipment, drop and vibration testing equipment, anechoic equipment, pressure (hydraulic) testing equipment, and temperature testing equipment, to deliver products of the highest quality.
Development achievements (1): Mounted on Hayabusa2
A dedicated super-wide-angle lens specially developed by our company is mounted on MINERVA2, the space probe on the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) asteroid explorer Hayabusa2. The lens is highly durable to withstand space radiation, and also provides high resolution all the way to the periphery without distortion despite its ultra-wide angle. Moreover, it is one-third the size of a conventional lens and weighs only about 15 g, which realizes a weight one-tenth that of a conventional lens.
Development achievements (2): Ultra-wide-angle surveillance camera
This is an ultra-wide-angle, low-distortion lens developed by our company. Despite its compact size, it realizes distortion-free images all the way to the periphery with high-resolution capability that is almost equivalent to a 5-megapixel camera. It is now possible to use fewer cameras to monitor the same area. It is used in the security field, such as security cameras, and also in various fields such as factory automation (FA).
Applied Optics Technology Division
Mold manufacturing
High-precision mold technology supports our company's high-performance lenses. The skillful techniques of our master engineers realize a world of super dimensions that cannot be achieved by computer power alone. We have established an electroless Ni-P thick-film plating process in-house to raise the mirror surface accuracy of molds without limits. Our company can handle molds with complex shapes, such as globally unique original lenses and free-form lenses.
[Achievements] Aspheric lens molds, various prism molds, cylindrical lens molds, lens molds with toric surfaces, mirror surface pieces, carbide pieces, plastic cut lenses, glass aspheric grinding lenses, precision mechanical part molds, and so on. We can handle all needs from prototyping to mass production.
Plastic forming
Our company has many years of experience in the injection molding of optical lenses. To satisfy all kinds of customer needs, we are able to provide integrated services from optical design to mold manufacturing, lens molding, thin film coating, and quality assurance. We provide high-precision mass-production of high-performance lenses such as aspheric lenses, various prisms, viewfinders, and so on.
[Achievements] Spherical plastic lenses, aspherical plastic lenses, high-performance finder lenses, reflectors, and so on.
High-precision plating and high-grade coating
We have a cleanroom, and have further developed our surface treatment technology, which we cultivated through camera body coating, to enable all kinds of high-quality coating. We can also handle delicate coatings such as luxury car interior panels and audio systems. In addition, pitless electroless plating with a film thickness of 1.2 mm is our proprietary technology, which we developed in pursuit of high-precision lens mold manufacturing technology.
[Achievements] Thick electroless Ni plating, electroforming plating, flash (thin film gloss) plating, anodizing, aqueous coating, UV coating, coating on plastics and metals, curved surface printing, mirror printing

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